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Instagram introduces an important novelty regarding content ranking.


An important change in Instagram

Given the much content that is published, but not created on the Instagram platform (videos with the TikTok logo), Instagram will highlight the original content in the future. A video created "from scratch" will be better positioned than the one you downloaded from another platform and re-posted on Instagram.


Where did the problem arise?

Meta sees Facebook and Instagram as platforms for content creators (like YouTube and TikTok), and not just as tools to connect people with their friends and family. Reels are particularly important and are currently the fastest growing content format to date, and are available on both Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram reels logo

You will also notice the TikTok logo on a large number of Instagram Reels, precisely because users are re-posting videos created on the TikTok platform on Instagram. In the future, these videos will have a much shorter reach and will be shown much less often to users.

This change will also affect accounts that use Memes and Trends and often use "stolen" content.

"Stolen" content is nothing new on Instagram and Facebook, what's more, the most popular posts are largely plagiarized, ie. content was used for which the users who posted did not have copyright.

Changing the ranking algorithm, which decides what billions of people see every day, will greatly influence everyone to turn to creating original content.

Although TikTok and Instagram Reels look similar, use the tools they offer to post on Instagram instead of re-posting videos you've created in other apps. Instagram Reels and Instagram Story.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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