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Instagram is attracting a larger number of businesses, given the great popularity it has achieved. Instagram users thus discover new companies and products, but also stay in touch with their favorite brands.

Whether your business is already on Instagram or you are completely new to this platform, now is the time to take wider access to the benefits of this social network, for the benefit of your social media marketing.

How to use Instagram in marketing?

Below you can get acquainted with some key, basic principles using Instagram for marketing purposes and we hope you will use Instagram for your business in the best possible way.

The first step is to identify your basic goals, in order to use Instagram to:

  1. Increasing brand awareness
  2. Creating a community
  3. Sharing your products and services
  4. Generating brand engagement
  5. Arriving new users
  6. Increasing site traffic
  7. Increasing brand commitment

Here are the 4 most basic items of using Instagram for your business:


- select a recognizable profile picture

- write a short bio with important keywords

- Add a website to the bio

- Link your Instagram profile with other accounts

- link other social channels

- Explore and check Instagram insights


- use stories and live video

- experiment with your products

- Offer Instagram exclusive campaigns

- process attention to colors in your feed

- initiate prize competitions and gifts

- share user content that is related to your brand


- Create your brand hashtags

- choose applicable hashtags and those that are in trend

- use local hashtags

- devise special hashtags for campaigns

- use hashtags of big (popular) events


- respond to all comments

- use @ when answering

(tag the person you're responding to)

- Ask questions to users via posts

- boost Insta posts

- Promote Instagram through other networks


Social media marketing is one of the most important links when it comes to permanent business improvement, growing the company’s business, building a brand and achieving the most important goals.

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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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