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Having been in development for some time, Instagram recently launched an initial test of its Creator Marketplace, specifically for Instagram.

Similar to Facebook's Brand Collabs Manager platform, the Instagram Creator Marketplace will allow advertisers to search for potential creators to partner with on campaigns.


Instagram Creator Marketplace

The Instagram Creator Marketplace will be a new enabling platform brands to find creators (influencers) with whom they could connect, collaborate and implement campaigns. 

They can use the platform within Meta Business Suite and have the ability to filter creators by:

  • gender, age, number of followers and interests;
  • the demographics of their followers, using filters such as: gender, age, interests, country and city;
  • those who have expressed interest in working with them, those who have tagged or followed them;
  • similar creators they have already found through the filters

It is also possible to create a list of selected creators.

In other words, the Instagram Creator Marketplace is a comprehensive tool for finding creative partners to collaborate with, which could be extremely valuable, especially given the increasing focus on Reels publication, which requires knowledge and monitoring of trends.

Through the new Creator Marketplace, brands will be able to manage the entire campaign process with their chosen creators, including details such as desired results, payment and similar information.

All messages sent by brands to creators arrive in a new mailbox - Partnerships Messages inbox. Creators can reply to and correspond with brands within the Instagram app.

All of this could make it much easier to manage influencer Instagram campaigns and lead to maximum campaign performance.

This platform is not yet widely available. Instagram says it's still in testing. So, you can't sign up yet, but we can expect it soon, and this platform could become an important tool in creating a marketing strategy on Instagram.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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