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A few days ago, on October 06,  Instagram celebrated his jubilee 10th birthday. To brighten up this special event for everyone, several features have been added, from visual add-ons to extending e-commerce options.


Instagram celebrated its 10th birthday

The most important novelty is certainly the introduction of "Stories Map'', which personally gives you the opportunity to see where you put everything yours Instagram Story-is in the previous 3 years.

instagram logo on orange background

Instagram it also introduces several different icon options for the mobile application in line with the new iOS-14 operating system. You now have an option between several different application icons.


To change the icon on your phone you need to:

  1. You are updating yours Instagram application to the latest version
  2. Log in to your profile and select the "settings" option in Instagram applications
  3. Drag the screen down to reveal a list of hidden application icons


Since shopping and commerce are becoming key elements Instagramstrategy, one of the novelties is the addition of the option to buy on the IGTV platform. It appears in the form of a bag when the creator of IGTV adds a shopping tag.

Before all of the above, Instagram also posted an interesting post review application history from the moment it was launched on October 06, 2010.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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