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We wrote about it in one of the previous blogs what Instagram analytics shows us. If you missed this blog, you can find an overview of all sections within the analytics that are of great importance for improving work, improving results and growing profiles.


Advanced Instagram analytics

You will be able to find out more about this later in this text.


Accounts reached - doseg

The reach for the marked period (eg previous months) can always be compared in percentage with the previous same period and thus monitor the increase or decrease in reach. Green indicates an increase compared to the previous period, and red indicates a decrease. If you always notice green, there is progress and continue in the same rhythm. However, if you see red for two or three months in a row, you need to make certain changes and innovations in the content you publish or sponsor.

screenshot from instagram analytics

Reach information by city, age, and gender can be helpful when sponsoring posts and creating a target audience for that ad.

screenshot from instagram analytics

Based Content reach we can see which type of ad brings the most reach and so in the coming period to focus on those publications that bring greater reach.

screenshot from instagram analytics

Review of announcements that were the best in the previous period (top posts) also shows us what to focus on in the coming period. The same goes for stories and Reels publications.

carousel of top posts from instagram

Accounts engaged

As is the case with reach information, so is information on engagement can be used to evaluate posts, in this case how many interactions there were for the marked period and which posts had the highest number of interactions.

Based on that, it can be concluded which publications bring greater engagement and continue with such publications in the future.


Total followers

An overview of the total number of followers and the growth of followers for the marked period, clearly shows what it is about and what it is used for. Follower growth is directly related to the previous parameters - reach and engagement. When the mentioned two sections show positive results, the number of followers, as a rule, goes uphill.

screenshot from instagram analytics

As in life, so in this case, in the virtual world of social networks, the same rule applies - if you constantly do the same things, you can not expect different results. It is necessary to make a change in order to achieve different results. A change in organic content or a change in sponsored posts. 

So in this case, follow the analysts, analyze which types of posts bring higher engagement, follow the news and trends on Instagram and the results will come.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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