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We have already written that it is video powerful tool when it comes to advertising. He almost confirmed this claim Google publishing the results of his research. Consider your personal example of how true this statement is. A product presented in a good video will definitely attract more attention. And probably lead to conversion. Maybe that's the answer to the question from the catch, how to increase the chances of selling?

How many times does a person need to hear a brand slogan to remember it?

As awareness of a brand grows, so does its sales. This can be a big challenge, especially for small businesses. Visibility is one of the main conditions for penetrating the desired market.

Statistically, in order for a brand to enter the minds of customers, it is necessary for consumers to hear its slogan or see its logo 5 to 7 times. After that, they will take your brand into consideration during the next purchase. If they are satisfied with the product, they will buy it, as well as some others from the range, again. Best of all, it will recommend your brand to others, which will lead to a jump in sales. (source Dinarides)

How to increase the chances of selling with video?

Iz GoogleThey stated: "For more and more customers video is irreplaceable when making a decision to buy a product. In fact, more than 55% of customers worldwide say they use video posting when deciding to shop at a store. “

Google says the video is dominant

Google has published the results of its research according to which 55% of consumers use video announcements to research a product and make a decision to buy it. According to Google-The video affects clients in three ways. First, the video serves as a reminder to people of the products they currently need. Second, video allows customers to expand their knowledge of a particular product or service. Thus giving them greater security and self-confidence when making a purchase decision. The third ratings left for the video are actually ratings about the product itself. They can have a big impact on a customer’s decision to buy that product. Video ratings are one of the most reliable forms online evaluation. That is why they are very influential when making purchasing decisions.


One of the biggest advantages of video is that it can attract the customer's attention through various communication channels. Also at different stages of the sales funnel. Given that television was the most profitable medium for advertising, it is no wonder that video advertisements on the Internet are its legitimate successor. Video provides all the benefits that television advertising has brought. With additional bonuses in the form of showing at any time, sharing via social media, live streaming and new technologies that allow viewers to communicate with the video in real time.

How to use video?

An important question that arises here is when, how and which videos customers actively use in the buying process. Google He also tried to answer this question: "Although buyers like to see authentic author reviews, there is also an important role for the trader in the process. Think of ways your brand can show itself to meet a current need, whether it's advertisements that inspire ideas and inspiration or provide more in-depth content. answering customer questions and help people make purchasing decisions. Customers eager to explore can reward you with purchase and loyalty to your brand. “


With all the exciting news that technology development brings us, it is certain that video will become even more customized, engaging, interactive and financially lucrative for those marketers who are smart enough to take advantage of its capabilities. The percentage of 55 percent of Internet users who say it is video the deciding factor in their decision to buy a product is not in the least a figure to ignore. And it’s certainly pathetic of ways to increase your chances of selling.

Made by Vladimir Bojic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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