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There is no correlation between the amount of impressions your site receives (Impressions) for a particular keyword and the search volumeSearch Volume) for that keyword. John Mueller iz Googlesays to show (Impressions) which your site got for keyword are not an indicator of the search volume for that keyword.

This was stated on Twitter in response to the question of whether the data on the views in Google Search Console-and can be used to estimate search volume. For example, if you have a page ranked in the top position for a particular keyword, and it receives 1000 impressions per month, does that mean that the keyword's search volume is 1000 monthly queries?

"No, it doesn't work that way." he says Mueller.


Impressions aren't the same as search volume

First, Mueller explains how impression data differs from search volume data:

"Impressions are the results that your site received in search. These are not necessarily all impressions shown to all users. That is not the scope of the search. Also, all the tools guess and simplify the search volume, so the numbers you see in the search volume tools will always be wrong. ”

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The Twitter user who asked the initial question continues.

It has a page that ranks first for a particular keyword. So he asks if the impressions the page gets indicate the amount of searches being done for that keyword.

He says:

"Thanks for the clarification, but I'm still confused!

For example:

I have a keyword / query (Suppose "Buy shoes") in the Search Console that ranks 1st and has 1000 impressions in one month, so the search volume should be 1000?


He assumes, since the page is in the first place of the search, that his page is displayed to everyone who enters this keyword Google.

Therefore, according to his explanation, the number of impressions shown in Search Console-and could be used as a way to determine the monthly search volume of a keyword.


Mueller quickly dismisses this theory:

"It is not necessary. Just because you are in the first place in some cases, does not mean that the page is always displayed. "

Although ranking tracking tools show that a page is ranked first for a particular keyword, it's not accurate to assume that it's showing for 100% of searches.

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Thus, display data for page ranked no. 1 is not the same as the search volume of the keyword by which it is ranked, as the page is not displayed to everyone who searches. There are several reasons why the page would not be displayed to everyone who searches, despite the number one ranking for the keyword.

The appearance of the search results page can affect the number of views that receive organic links. For example, if a bunch of results are displayed Google ads-and, the user will probably have to scroll down a bit before he sees organic connections. In that case, the impression would not have been recorded for the page in the first position if the user had not scrolled down enough to see organic results.

Another reason may be personalization and the fact that search results are not identical for all users. The key conclusion is that impressions are not equal to search volume.


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