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The constant struggle with image optimization and wasting a huge amount of time in the process, made us think about how to make this task easier. This has encouraged us to create image optimization applications, which are easy to use and will make your life much easier.


Image optimization applications

See below what we have prepared for you:


How to reduce multiple images at once?

If you have a lot of images you need to optimize and reduce proportionally use our simple app to do this:

The program will not distort the images. Images will be reduced proportionally to the selected dimension.

Example: If the image is horizontal, the image will be reduced proportionally horizontally,
and vice versa (if the image is vertical, the image will be reduced vertically to the selected option)
Note: all png images will be converted to jpg.

click on download button and images will be packed in zip the file.


How to rename multiple images at once?

If you have a bunch of pictures named from say pic0001.jpg to pic1000.jpg or something like that, use our other program to rename pictures from txt file:


How to use?
First select the images you want to rename.

The program will load them by file name from az.
Then make a list of names in Excel-u (in one row) or u Notepad-u.
Copy the table from Excel-au Notepad i save as txt file.



To rename all images, number of images (image sheet) and file list (file sheet) must be equal.

On the left is our list from Notepad, on the right is the loaded image.

Use prefix if you need to add additional text in front of image names.

Click the "button"Rename all files”To rename all images at once. Click "Download”Button to download zip the file.

We hope these tools will help you as well as help us.

(Programs are subject to change)


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Made by Aleksandar Đurđević - Senior Web Developer @Digitizer

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