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The fact is that video content takes precedence when it comes to content which is becoming dominant on the internet. When it comes to marketing, the use of video has become the norm in advertising. As the popularity of video material has grown, so has the popularity of platforms that allow this type of content to be shared. In the first place we think of YouTube. The platform you get to every minute upload- hears new 500 hours of content. This fact raises the very important question of how YouTube the algorithm works and how YouTube does the search work?


How does YouTube search work?

Iz Google have endeavored to give an answer to this question and they launched on YouTube platform, we can freely say, a separate site which provides the necessary information that users should explain by which criteria YouTube ranks videos and how YouTube search works. We will present a summary of what the instructions contained here contain.

Screenshot from how YouTube works

YouTubeThe search ranking system sorts over 500 hours of content uploaded each minute to find the most relevant query results.

What criteria are important?

YouTube search when ranking search results gives the greatest advantage to these three criteria:

  • Relevance (Relevance)
  • Engagement (Engagement)
  • Quality (Quality)



The YouTube ranking algorithm takes many factors into account when determining the relevance of content. Without going into too much detail, YouTube indicates the importance of factors such as the title, tag-s (tags), description and video content itself.



The most important signal used when measuring footing for a particular video is the viewing time of a particular video for a particular query. YouTube notes that engagement signals are also a valuable way to determine relevance.



To determine quality, YouTube uses signals that search engineers should be very familiar with.


"Finally, for quality, our systems are designed to identify signals that can help determine which channels demonstrate expertise, authority and trustworthiness on a given topic."


In addition to the above three main factors, YouTube it also tries to determine the relevance for each user, taking into account the user's search history and reviews. Therefore, it is not uncommon for search results to differ from one user to another for the same query. YouTube the search and viewing history can be deleted at any time, in any case YouTube search results will not take these signals into account.

YouTube notes that it favors content from authoritative sources when appropriate. This may include categories of content such as news, politics, and medical or scientific information. In these areas, credibility is key.

In other areas, such as music or entertainment, YouTube are more likely to look at signals like relevance, content freshness or popularity.

an animated character of a businessman standing next to a star rating board

Another opportunity for content creators to be discovered on YouTuberecommendations are (Recommendations). YouTube shares recommendations to users on the home page and in the "Next" section as a suggestion of what to look for next.


YouTube also takes a number of factors into account when determining which videos to recommend for viewing:

  • Viewing and search history
  • Channels you have subscribed to (Subscribed )
  • location
  • Part of the day
  • How many people watched the video to the end
  • Direct feedback from users through random surveys


Users can also adjust their recommendations by clicking the "I'm not interested" button next to the video, which will YYouTubeu send a signal that it will not recommend similar videos to the user in the future.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer