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If you do not use Instagram Story on your business profile, you miss a lot. Not only that Instagram Story Fun and creative is already one of the best ways to increase your engagement, brand awareness and even sales.

Why is Instagram Story a powerful tool for your business?

With over 500 million users daily Instagram Story is a great way to reach new potential customers and build a stronger connection with existing ones.

Instagram Story first appeared in 2016 and has since become increasingly popular on the platform. It is an interesting fact that it is average number of posts on Instagram Feed-u from year to year decreases from when Instagram Story appeared.

Expecting your audience

As the expectations of the audience grow and change from year to year, it is up to you to adapt and place what you want with the audience.

Your audience expects an authentic and closer connection with the brand they support. For that reason, they are 24-hour Instagram Story fits perfectly into what you actually want.

Story it allows the audience that follows you to feel like they are participating in everything that is happening, especially when it comes to it Instagram Story Live which gives the audience the opportunity to follow the events live.

Instagram Story highlights

Instagram Story highlights-and appeared in December 2017 and completely changed the game. For users of ordinary Instagram profiles, they do not represent a significant thing, but they are of great importance for business profiles.

Highlights-and are located just below the profile biography and should therefore be used as an opportunity to extend the biography of your business.

In yours Instagram highlights- everything that could not fit into a short biography should be emphasized. You are given the opportunity to tell people who visit your profile: Who you are, what and why you do it, what your benefits are, and to show them the product or service you are selling.

Instagram hyperlink

Instagram hyperlink the feature is only available to profiles that have more than 10 followers or if you sponsor your post. If you belong to this group that has 10 thousand followers, then you have the opportunity to join your own Instagram Story turn on and hyperlink.

As we know Instagram does not allow the possibility hyperlinknowhere except in the biography (Instagram tries to keep us in their application and they succeed) so that the possibility of adding hyperlinkand considered a great advantage.

Take advantage of this by including a clear call to action, such as: Look now, book now, just today, and other specific calls to action. 

Near highlights-a hyperlinkand there are other interesting ways to attract your audience and get them to react, but just as a magician never explains his tricks, so we have to keep some things to ourselves and our clients. Social networks are a powerful advertising channel, and we know how to use it.

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Made by Andrej Jovanovic - Account Manager @Digitizer

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