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What are Instagram reels?

Today we introduce you to Instagram Reels, a new way to create short videos on Instagram-u.

Reels allows us to make videos that we share with our followers or anyone on Instagram. The video is up to 60 seconds long and can be edited with sound, effects and new creative tools.

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How to use Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is located as a separate section in our Instagram Feed-u, and if your account is public, your videos can also be displayed in a new section in the instagramexplore. This option offers everyone a chance to reach a new audience on the global stage.

Create Instagram Reels videos

You need to choose Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. On the left side of the screen are various video editing tools such as:

  1. Audio: Here you can use songs from the Instagram music library. In addition, you can use your own original sound.
  2. AR Effects: Choose from many effects from the Instagram effects gallery created by Instagram and various creators around the world to capture fun videos.
  3. Timer: This option offers the option to set the timer so that you have 3 seconds before recording starts
  4. Alignment: With this option, you can align objects and objects from the previous shot to create seamless transitions, such as the moment or shots when changing clothes to two different shots.
  5. Speed: This option allows you to speed up or slow down a portion of the video or audio you selected.

Watching Instagram Reels

U instagramexplore the section shows the best and most viral Instagram Reels videos. The videos are shown vertically Feed-u, tailored to you. If you like it Reels, you can like, comment or share it with friends.

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Also, some Instagram Reels are marked "Featured". If your ''Reel"marked" highlighted "you will receive a notification. "Highlight" Reels is a choice made by Instagram to display original content that it thinks is fun and inspiring.

All in all, Instagram Reels gives users the opportunity to express themselves, create fun videos and help everyone become Instagram creators. Instagram Reels is recently available in Serbia. This is Instagram's answer to Tik Tok in an attempt to take over a part of the market that Tik Tok controls.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer