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Google Search Console is a collection of tools and resources to help site owners, webmasters and SEO professionals track site performance in the index Google search. This is a free service that allows you to find out a lot of information about the site itself and the people who visit it. Search Console is the main and official way in which Google communicates with site owners.

By registering an order Google can send webmasters information about problems, errors or even penalties that the site has suffered. It also offers several tools that allow you to contact them regarding any problems that may occur on the site.

Benefits of the Google Search Console

Search Console offers tools that, after site development, help with day-to-day management. It allows for things like submission and monitoring XML Sitemap, request from Googleto evaluate and report errors on the site. If you actively optimize your site, you know that SEO is never 'done'. You need to constantly improve your content, refine your site settings and correct errors. Search Console is an account full of useful information about how the site is displayed and works in search results. From mobile usability reports to visibility and click tracking. This account is a center for understanding when, where and how your site appears on Google-u.

Site addition and verification

You will need to add and verify site ownership before you can do anything else. Adding and verifying a site in Search Console-and proves Google- that you are either a site owner, webmaster or other authorized user. Enter the URL of the site you are trying to add by selecting the field "Add property“. You will then be asked to verify your site. There are several different ways you can achieve this.


Upload- by ovation HTML files. To use this method, you must be able to upload files to root site file. On the control panel Search Console please select "Manage site", and then "Verify this site“. If "HTML file upload"Is not listed in"Recommended verification method", Then it is definitely listed on the" Other verification methods "tab. When you select this method, you will be prompted to download HTML the file. Download it, then save it to the specified location. Do not make any changes to the content or file name. If something changes, Search Console will not be able to check and verify the site. After loading HTML file, return to Search Console and click on "Verify“. If everything is set up correctly, you will see a page letting you know that the site has been verified. After verifying the site with this method, do not delete HTML file from the site. 

Other methods of verifying the site are using HTML tag-and which you insert on the site, using Google Analytics task, Google Tag Manager-and or with an option Domain name provider. Google periodically checks if the verification is valid (for example, checks if HTML tag for verification still present). If verification can no longer be verified, your permission for that site expires after a certain period. Data is collected for the site from the moment you first add it to Google Search Console-u.

Adding a Sitemap site

By delivery Sitemap na Google Search Console you make it easier Google-The job of ensuring that they have all the necessary information needed to work with your site.

On the control panel Search Console select the site for which you want to submit a Sitemap. On the left you will see the option "Sitemap“, By choosing which you open a window in which you add Sitemap to the site.

Reporting bugs from the site

Sometimes we may not realize that there is a problem with the site. The Google Search Console notifies you immediately of any errors it finds on the site. 

By selecting the option "Coverage”In the left menu on the control panel, a window opens in which there will be all the errors that are Google spotted on your site. Very useful and significant option. Clicking on one of the errors gives you a description of the detected error and further steps to be taken to eliminate the error.

Notify Google about your content

The fastest way to Google indexing a page is to send it manually for indexing. This will allow the content of a particular page to appear in search results as soon as possible. This option also allows us to log in Google-in any changes on any of the pages, in order to index the changed and improved content as soon as possible.

By selecting the option "URL inspection“A window opens in which we can enter the URL of some of the pages from the site and check its status, and if it is not indexed we ask Google-and indexing as quickly as possible using the "Request Indexing“Located on the right side of the window.

We have introduced you to some of the basic functions Google Search Console, a tool that should be used by everyone who cares about quality websites site and the best possible positioning in search results. If you want to read more interesting and informative texts, which will provide you with great information about a good internet performance, visit our page News and Stories.

Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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