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Great platforms like Facebook-a Instagramhave become an integral part of people's lives and users spend a lot of time during the day on these platforms, while at the same time, these platforms work every day to improve their capabilities, in order to occupy the attention of users and meet their needs.


Instagram story poll

There are more and more new functions for entertainment, but also increasing interaction with companions Instagram story. Especially in the age of the corona, when users spend even more time on mobile devices. 

That's right Instagram in a short period of time managed to increase the number of opportunities to interact with users through Instagram Story sticker. In some countries, the possibility of use has appeared Gift Card i Food Orders sticker, but for now it is not known whether these options will be available in Serbia. One of the novelties that has appeared in our country is challenge sticker, but we can write about it in one of the following blogs.

Do you use all the features offered by Instagram story? 

There is more Instagram Story stickers that you can use to increase user interaction, such as location, hashtag, questions, quiz, countdown, emoji slider, challenge but and in., that is, making surveys, which will be discussed in more detail in this blog.

What are the benefits of Instagram Story Polls?

With the help of Instagram Story You can more easily communicate with your followers, find out what interests them more than your products or services, and thus get useful information about future content for followers.

When a sponsored person appears in front of the user Story they can tap one of two options, and the platform will record the results. In this way, interactive surveys can provide valuable insights into the interests and desires of the target group. What matters, you can do Custom audience and re-interact with users who participated in the survey.


Where to start?

Although the primary focus when creating a survey should be on the question and the answers offered, the creative visual is also extremely important. You need to decide if you want a video or photo with the survey. We recommend a photo that has questions and answers, because there is a possibility that the video will distract the user.

Once you have selected the visual, we move on to Facebook Ads Manager. After selecting the campaign type, in the box Ad set we set where the sponsored post will appear (investments) and we choose only Instagram Stories.

Once you have selected the appropriate visual and highlighted Instagram Stories within placements, we move on to Add and it is necessary to check Add an interactive poll, to open an appendix to the question and answers offered.

Final settings

The question and answers should be clear and interesting, in order for the interaction to take place. There is a limit in question, with 90 characters. After typing the question, you can see a preview of the post on the right side of the screen and position it as you see fit. The font of the question is Times New Roman, white. For this reason, it is best to opt for a visual of black or some dark color.

The question you want to ask can be within the visuals, in which case you would leave a blank question field and position the answers in the right place. When you are finished with these settings, Instagram Story the survey is ready to be sponsored.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer