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How to select and change color in Photoshop-u is one of the basic functions of this tool. There are different methods of changing the color of the image. The most important thing in such an endeavor is that the image is of high quality.


How to choose and change color in Photoshop?

In this text, we will show you how to choose and change the color in the most precise and fastest ways. With the right use of the tools found in Ps, working in the program can be interesting, simple and fast in terms of the final result.


Color Replacement Tool

Tool Color Replacement Tool allows easy color change on the subject. The problem is that it is Color Replacement Tool  "destructive ”tool, meaning it destroys the original pixels. It also does not allow control over the application of the tool, but only applies color over the original pixels.


brush tool

We can also change the color with basic tools such as brush tool. It is necessary to make a selection of the surface we want to change the color, then make a new layer with the selected surface. Then choose the color we want and brush tool-paint the surface and its selection. In order for the color change to be as convincing as possible, it should be applied to the layer with selection Color or Hue Saturation Blend fashion

With the help of Levels Adjustment layer we can make the change even more convincing. Also with help Levels Adjustment layer we can turn any color into black or white. 

Hue / Saturation

Unlike Color Replacement tools, how to change the color with Hue / Sturation is applicable on all surfaces and retains the texture of the object.

The first way to replace colors with Hue / Saturation is performed in the following steps:


  1. Pick out Quick Selection Tool, then make a selection that we want to change the color.
  2. Choose a new one Hue / Saturation Adjustment layer, the by moving the “slider” on the options Hue, Saturation and Brightness we choose the desired color.


Another way to replace colors with  Hue / Saturation is performed in the following steps:


  1. Choose a new one Hue / Saturation Adjustment layer.
  2. In its menu, select the finger icon for control, then click on the color you want to change in the photo.
  3. Then new sliders appear around the selected color in the lower part of the menu. It is necessary to separate the sliders so that they focus not only on the chosen color, but also on its shades and descending tones.
  4. The color is changed by moving the slider (as in the previous example).


In order to choose a certain color in the photo, we choose ColorRange located in the Main Menu, Select. To select a color and change it, we apply the following steps:


  1. When we choose ColorRange in the given menu with Eye drops-erom click the color on the image you want to change, and add color shades with Eye drops with an icon that has a label + next to.
  2. When we make a color selection then with the help Hue & Sturation Adjustment layers change colors as in the previous examples.


If with this method we want to change the given color only on a certain part of the image, then we make a selection and a new layer with it. Then on layer with selection apply color replacement steps with ColorRange-om.


Changing colors in Ps seems easy, but making selections can be a complicated task. One of the more advanced ways to make selections is with help Channels panel. The panel is located in the lower right corner next to it Layers panels. This method is suitable for demanding selections such as leaves, hair, powder or other small elements. To make a selection in which to change colors, you need to follow these steps:


  1. While the image is displayed on the screen you need to click on Channels panel. U Channels the panel has 4 layers, RGB, Red, Green Blue.
  2. We select the channel where we see the highest contrast (we do not select the RGB channel). The color we choose needs to be darker shades. We achieve this by inclusion Levels adjustment layer with the help of a shortcut SHIFT+L (Windows), DCM+L (Sword).
  3. When we set the appropriate contrast, we make a selection with a selection shortcut CTRL + Click the mouse (windows), CMD + Click the mouse (Mac).
  4. When the selection is selected we return to Layers panel and make a mask on the pictures.
  5. Further color change is done by moving the slider to Hue / Sturation Adjusment layer.

What color is yours?

The color can be changed on the whole or in certain places in the picture. Making selections plays a big role in manipulations with color change. You can find the text of how selections are made in PS on our website called "Basic selection tools in Photoshop".


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Made by Vladimir Bojić - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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