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An Instagram profile has become one very powerful marketing weapon that you simply have to use in advertising your business. Read in our text how to promote your Instagram profile and how to put it in the service of your business in the best and most efficient way possible.


At one time, one of the most followed profiles on Instagram was the JiffPom(@JiffPom) profile, which has about 10,4 million followers. This Instagram account wouldn't be overly interesting if it weren't for the profile of a dog.


Yes, you heard right. It is Instagram profile dedicated to the dog.


To give you an idea of ​​the popularity of this "Insta-popular" dog, we will only note that at the time this profile had more followers than Apple, Amazon i Microsoft together.


Brands like Samsung and Facebook don't have nearly as many followers. So we are talking about some of the most popular brands in the world. So what can we hope for when it comes to our business?

How to promote an Instagram profile?

Fortunately for your local business, success on Instagram is not just about simply collecting followers and likes. It's all about engagement. This is what leads to conversions and sales.


The challenge is to get the gathered followers, by respecting the quality content on Instagram, to engage and interact. Thereby translating them from the degree of companion to clients or customers.


We present you with these 11 tips on how to promote your Instagram profile, increase the engagement of followers and stimulate sales.

1. Participate, participate, participate

Instagram, like any other social platform is a community.


Just as your business is a valued member of the local community, you also want to be a respected and respected member of the Instagram community.

This will help you get followers who want to interact with your content.


Respect good pictures and videos on Instagram account it is not enough in itself!


To gain a reputation in the Instagram community, follow influencers and other brands (even direct competitors) and get involved in the conversation they start and engage around their content.


You need to make an effort to get the same when it comes to your content.


And when your followers comment on your post, actively engage in correspondence by answering their questions, concerns, compliments…

2. Strengthen your Instagram community

One way to strengthen the reputation of your business and empower it Instagram account is to repost content posted by your local companions, other businesses in your area, or some local celebrities.


Not only will the individuals whose content you shared be happy, but all your followers will notice.


Make sure you have a more humane, empathetic approach to other members of the community. As in the real world, online communities operate on the same principles.


In other words, they will begin to see your company as a friendly neighbor, not as someone trying to sell them something.


This strategy is not only effective in building a good reputation in the community, but also saves you time in creating original and unique content. Of course, before that, be sure to ask for permission and tag the Instagram account of the user whose content you are posting.

3. Be consistent in maintaining brand identity

Although Instagram is a platform that involves a separate appearance on it, by which you try to achieve different marketing goals, possibly different from your other social networks, it is still necessary to have one consistent line that connects all your accounts, especially when it comes to tone and the way your brand performs.


Most of your clients are very likely to follow you on multiple, if not all, channels. If your performance on each of these channels is inconsistent, it can be confusing to your customers.

In this case, if yours Instagram person different from the tone on your websites site, Facebook page, or your employees, then you run the big risk of confusing your customers.

4. Avoid blanket posting

Blanket posting means avoiding mowing the same content and message on different platforms. Why?


The danger is that clients who follow you on different social networks will be practically spammed with the same content. Then your content stops being interesting, which becomes more annoying, even irritating. Remember, every channel is different, and that's how it should be approached.


This way of respecting is justified only in certain situations. For example, if you are organizing an event, or launching a new product, and you want as many people as possible to find out about it as soon as possible.


In any other case, any good promotion does not imply a classic one copy paste variant, each channel should be accessed in an adequate way, adapted to that platform.

5. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement

Since Instagram is primarily a visual platform, it is the perfect channel for displaying your customers with your merchandise.


By respecting the images in which your customers are with your products, you enable new potential customers to get along with the product and to visualize the product in specific life situations. This will strengthen the overall value of your Brand and encourage others to buy from you.


Photos at popular and recognizable local destinations will make customers become familiar and intimate with your brand. This is especially pronounced with frequent visits in localities.

6. Let the trends tell you how to promote your Instagram profile

Holidays are always a trendy trend and businesses have been using these days for a long time to encourage customers with holiday motivated messages. However, there are also other topics whose popularity can be very important when creating motivating content.

To keep up with the trends in your environment, it is necessary to follow the news, local events, and even holidays specific only to your community. For this reason, it is wise to follow other businesses, local celebrities and other public opinion makers, because by following their Instagram accounts you can get inspiration and an idea of ​​what is in trend and which keywords to pay attention to.


There are of course topics that are better to avoid. News of tragic events or some controversial topics are the things that are best left alone, as they can do you more harm than good. You certainly don't want anyone to think you want to make money on someone else's misfortune.

7. Focus on local hashtags

When we talk about hashtagThere are many similarities between them and SEO keywords.


To optimize yours hashtags for your Instagram page, you should focus on local hashtags.


This will allow people in your area to find your posts and your business through localized ones hashtags. Try to instead of generalized hashtags use in them both your location or the name of your business.


For example, if you run a hair salon in Belgrade, you definitely want the content of your Instagram profile to appear in the search for specific dates. So you should try with tehashtagthese such as #Frizerskisalonbeograd or #Beogradfrizer.


The essence of this optimization is to estimate how narrowly you need to target when it comes to local search. You will do this best if you research well which ones are the best hashtags in your area.

8. Insert a link into your Instagram profile

While this seems like an obvious thing, remember that it is essential that your Instagram profile also has a link on the business page in the bio section.


Instagram story has become perhaps the most popular part of this platform. For accounts with over 10000 followers, Story becomes very important because it allows you to include a link to your site. Read here how to make the most of Instagram Story for Business.


This is a very important segment of your performance on Instagram, because your followers will be able to visit your site, perform a conversion or some other type of interaction with your brand directly from your account.


It would not be worse to include information about your other social networks, and it is crucial to include the physical address of your business, so that potential customers can find you.

9. Create professional, creative content

It may not be necessary to emphasize this, but there are still many business pages on Instagram that post photos and videos of poor quality, blurry or poorly integrated. This is a very important segment in answering the question of how to promote an Instagram profile.


Keep in mind that Instagram is primarily a visual platform, so the image is what attracts attention in the first place. Don't skimp on quality equipment for taking photos or making videos, even think about it engaging professionals in this field.


This is especially important if you share photos of your products. You want companions to see your product and be able to imagine how they use it (remember the section on satisfied customers).


If the photos are of poor quality you will not only turn down potential customers, but many may think that your products are of the same quality as the photos.

10. Don’t forget the geotag on your posts

This is another strategy that local businesses often overlook or ignore when running Instagram account.


If you want your companions to be able to find your job, then you should definitely let them know. Option to use gaotag-and in every post this certainly makes it much easier for you.


When a user clicks on the link, a map with the exact location of your business is displayed. Also see the accompanying content of the location where you are. This makes it much easier for potential customers to find you.


Sometimes it is smarter to mark a wider area, and exclusively the exact location of your business. In this way, your content can be presented to people who have searched for the location where you are on Instagram.

11. Constantly monitor and measure the impact of your efforts

The behavior and attitudes of your clients are changing, which means that your Instagram followers are also changing their affinities.


Always keep track of which of your content has caught the most attention, and which posts have led to the most likes, comments, or content sharing.

If there is a possibility, ask the clients you have gained via Instagram, what is it that has caught their attention. Insight into this information can be of great importance to you. Let your customers help you promote your Instagram profile. You will not get better information than theirs.


Successful Instagram account in our Digital Age one of the essential things for any local business. With over a billion active users a month, half of whom are active every day, Instagram is a gold mine to attract customers.


And before we start drooling over these numbers, let's remember the story from the beginning of this text. Your companions are living people who hide behind these numbers, and who want you to be part of their community.


The more valuable content you produce and share with your companions, the bigger your will be organic reach and more influential interaction with your companions. This is the best advice on how to promote your Instagram profile and improve your business.


For more news and interesting stories from digital marketing visit our blog page or follow our Instagram profile.



Made by Mladen Manojlović - CEO @Digitizer

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