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Personalization in e-mail marketing means targeting a specific user with all the data and information we have about him (user name, company name, etc.).

The goal or purpose of personalizing email is to make your users feel important. You need to introduce them that they are not just an email address in your database.


What do personalized emails look like?

One of the most common forms of personalization is the use of usernames, either in the subject or in the body of the email.

What else can be personalized?

In addition to the already mentioned user name, some of the forms of personalization can be the name of the company, product or service they use and the like.


How do names, emails, and other personalization attributes relate?

As we mentioned in previous blog, one of the most important things in Email marketing is a well-organized database of emails. It is in your database that you connect emails with other characteristics of the user (name of the company in which he is employed, whether he uses one of your services or has bought a certain product, etc.).

After arranging the base and upload- You hear her like Contact us list within your provider-a, it remains for you to import this information when creating the e-mail you send.

screenshot from email client

Every provider is specific in terms of email design and creation capabilities, however, personalization information is imported in a similar way. As you can see in the image below, in the text options (bold, italic, underline etc.) there is a separate item "Add personalization". Here you choose which attribute you want to import into the email. In addition to adding personalization in the body of the email, you can also add personalization in the email subject itself.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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