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YouTube SEO is a relatively new term that is becoming increasingly popular. The visuals are definitely content which attracts the most attention of Internet users. Among this content, video materials stand out as the most convincing and effective.


Of course YouTube is the most famous and popular video platform and being on it is just a matter of having to when we talk about any serious strategy of performing on the Internet.


Video optimization or YouTube SEO as it is increasingly called, it allows good video content to have better visibility in search compared to the competition. Not just in YouTube search, but in Google-and other search engines like Bing-and.

The intention of the user and its understanding is a crucial issue. The user wants to find certain information, and search engines use a complex algorithm and analysis of a large amount of traffic to decide which results are most relevant, according to them, for a particular keyword. Your SEO strategy must take these circumstances into account.

Video content is an indisputable tool when it comes to conveying the story to the masses.With the continuous improvement of technology, its popularity is constantly growing.


As a result, video content is becoming more frequent and better, both in terms of content and production. Today, your video is available in a second to almost anyone in the world.


This understandably led to a big increase in competition, given the large number of videos that are made every day upload-ovan on the Web. The question is how to distinguish our video from the others.


We bring you tips that you should use and gain an advantage over competitors who do not use video optimization tactics, or YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO - The Basics

Obviously, YouTube has reason to allow users to type in the title, description, and tags of the video, as well as choose the best video. thumbnail occasion upload-a. Therefore, YouTube SEO is very important.


All this for the sake of easier finding by your audience. All of these options should be used from the very beginning of adding videos to YouTube.


Use keywords to focus on the intention of the user Web-and how your video content correlates with those keywords. The title is what catches the eye first, and therefore enough attention should be paid to it.

Explore keywords when designing titles and use the ones that will most affect the relevance of your video.

You have 65-70 characters at your disposal, including spaces, so make sure you monetize this segment well. YouTube actually allows 100 characters, but since the title can be shortened depending on the platform or device on which it is shown, the number of characters just listed is optimal.

Take the opportunity to attract as much traffic to the site as possible, while building credibility and trust, which will be crucial in the later stages of the sales funnel. Most will not be ready to buy your product right away and that's OK. Try to build a brand so that you are the first thing on their mind when they decide to convert.


Like the title, your description should be based on relevant keywords. A quality description contains more detail than a title, but it should by no means be too extensive.


Always keep in mind to write a description of your video, not an advertisement or promotion.


The description should entice people to watch the video, because it tells them that the video contains exactly what they were looking for.


Link is another indispensable segment of the description. It is common for the link to lead to websitebrand or to a specific page directly related to the video. The recommended practice is a description containing two links, one at the end of the opening sentence and one at the end of the closing sentence. Links must provide users with more information.


YouTube allows up to 500 characters for a description, but we recommend that the description contain up to 300 characters. Two to three effective sentences, with at least one link, framed in length of 300 characters.


Tags (weights) are equally important to help YouTube classify content. Use only keywords that are relevant to your video. Do not add keywords just to attract visibility, because you will only lead to a counter effect.


Tags help Google (and other search engines) better understand what your video is about.


This part is quite intuitive. Choose an enticing photo. A photo that will be easy to understand and that can potentially generate a lot of clicks.


Again, don't try to do something that would mislead Web users to collect clicks. The price you will pay for something like that is high.


Creating a playlist and adding a video to it is another step that can contribute to visibility and more reach-in your video.


However, this part is not something that is necessary in the very beginning and should be rushed with.

Advanced settings

Advanced settings on YouTube offer a variety of video optimization options. Some of them make sense, while others do not seem so at first glance.


Here are some useful options in advanced settings and how to use them.


Although at first glance it may seem like an ideal solution to disable video comments, don't do this at any cost.


Comments are one of the signals that YouTube uses to determine the relevance, quality and popularity of a video. Be sure to check the options to allow comments.

Distribution rights

Enabling your video to embed is likely to increase the rate at which it is shared and embedded because it gives users the best on siteexperience.


Anyone could add a video to their website, including a news station or blog.


Publishing video content to subscription services and notifying subscribers is also a good practice to help find and track video.

Age restrictions

The video should not have any restrictions, unless it contains some explicit content (scenes of violence, disturbing photos, content of sexual context…)


The best way to make sure your video is compliant is to consult official YouTube policy.


YouTube offers fifteen different categories into which you can classify your video. This option helps YouTube-in recommending videos based on content criteria as well as other user habits.


If for some reason you can't categorize the video in the offered categories, it's best to leave the default "Entertainmnet ”tag.

Additional optimization that every video should have

Here are some more items that a good YouTube SEO should have.

Insert a clear Call-To-Action

Many great videos unfortunately reduce their effect only to the duration of the video itself. Don't let that happen to you either.


Be sure to offer some options to viewers after the video is over. Give them clear options to choose from. Whether it's to learn more about the video itself, go to your website and get to know your brand, or something else, it's important to keep them interested after the video ends. And the best way to do that is a clear call to action.

Transcribe the video

This segment is often overlooked because it is a less demanding job. But don't forget to make it easier for search engines to search your content.


Like the content on the site, search engines will crawl the text of your video.

Distribute yours content

You should share the video through all social networks and other channels that can increase it reachthe same.


It is not out of place to invest a dinar in promoting videos through advertising, because a video that is well optimized will certainly give better results than expected.


Follow our blog and be informed about the latest developments and trends when it comes to the world of Internet marketing.



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