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Both in other industries and in the field graphic design, whether you are creating a logo, poster, brochure, social media posts, website or mobile application, it is important to plan the entire process in as much detail as possible and to optimize that process as much as possible. Although projects are different and generally, each one requires a different approach, it is still possible to define certain steps and optimize the design process, in order to shorten the development time and make your work as efficient as possible.


How to optimize the design process?

In this text, we will try to state what those steps are.

In cases where designers work as individuals, that is freelancers it is much easier to organize the work by doing it segment by segment, that is task per per task, which does not make a difference in simple projects. However, with slightly more complex projects, it takes too much time. On the other hand, working in a team is much more efficient, but it is important to define and standardize the process in order to facilitate communication between team members and thus optimize and speed up the whole process.


Unique sources

One of the first steps should be to create a document that shows clear guidelines for the design flow. Most often, this document contains useful links, basic guidelines and a guide for the brand, target group, deadlines as well as all useful information that is important for the project. For example, topics if it is about social networks or pages if it is about a website. This document can be sent via e-mail to all team members or, even better, shared on an internet location that everyone has access to, on a note sheet on google drive. The code shareThe advantages of digital documents are that they can be supplemented and modified in real time.

 At the same time, a unique directory should be created in which all the material received from the client will be placed. E.g, book of graphic standards, logo, color palette, photography, necessary texts and the like... With such a directory, it is important that all files are clearly named and clearly sorted by directory so that any team member can find them easily and quickly.


Templates or templates-i

One of the significant steps that increases the effectiveness of the design can be the creation template. With the help of templates, deviations from the design principles of the brand are reduced to a minimum, and certain segments can be solved with a simple change of text, image or color.

Templates can also be considered graphic elements that can be repeated, such as product images with a transparent background, call to action, website, and the like.

Depending on the project, the more templates or sketches you create will make the brand richer but will also significantly help your team to be more productive and focus on other segments of the project.

Templates or templates  they do not have to be exclusively related to design and graphic solutions, but also to tasks, that is, using previous experiences, templates can be created for the processes themselves, which relate to deadlines, chronology of tasks and similar information related to the plan and management.



Although there is a person who is responsible for the project and a team leader, it is very important that all members actively participate with ideas. It is preferable to present ideas through sketches so that they do not take too much time and so that the team members can improve the ideas. In this way, both time and the quality of the final ideas are gained.

Ideas and design solutions can be improved and refined at any stage, if it is about online projects, it is possible to improve them even after they have been published, but still take care not to exaggerate and make some crucial changes in the advanced stages of the project.

Recently, online tools are often used, which enable changes in real time, which additionally save time.

During brainstorming, it is advisable to use mind maps with which you can sort important information and segments of the project so that it is easy to follow them visually and make the necessary changes immediately. By making quick associations between concepts, you can generate a visual network of ideas.

Also, it is important throughout the process to send and receive feedback.

The brainstorming feedback process is not just a request for ideas, comments, and suggestions to be accepted without consideration.

Your design should be in line with the brand principles so ideas even if they are good should be considered as they may not point you in the right direction and do not represent the brand in the right way.

In modern times, there are more and more useful tools on the Internet that speed up the process and increase the effectiveness of the design, but such ideas may not always be original and do not highlight the brand compared to others, so it is necessary for the team to constantly go through the process, select ideas and stick to the key ones brand components and principles.



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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer



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