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When you advertise on Google, reaching your target groups and customers is key. The Google Display network is huge, consisting of a large number of sites, applications and products owned by Google, such as YouTube. It can easily happen that your ads are being shown to users who shouldn't be.


How to optimize a Google Display campaign?

In order to Google Display campaign was successful, the campaign settings must be correct, the ads effective and the right audience targeted.


Campaign settings

After choosing a Google Display campaign, you need to configure the campaign correctly.

The first step is to select the location and language of the target group. When choosing a location, you have several options: to target based on whether they are present in that location, whether they show interest in a particular location, or both. Also, if you target a larger location, you can add smaller areas within it where you don't want the ad to appear.

Among other settings, you can choose whether you want the ad to appear non-stop or at a certain time, on certain days, then decide on dynamic ads as well as the duration of the campaign.



There are a number of options for targeting with a Google Display campaign. You can choose to target the audience by specific keywords, interests, demographics, sites and applications visited by users, sites where you want your ads to appear, and you can also choose to target your site visitors (retargeting).

Google offers an option for optimized targeting, where it gives your campaign the flexibility to explore the users most likely to convert.

Which option is best depends on your target group and by testing you can narrow down and get the best results.



As ads, you can use banners that you design (standard display ad) and responsive display ads.

Responsive display ads are automatically generated and represent a combination of titles, images, logos, and descriptions that you choose. When creating an ad, you can also choose an advanced option where Google can to further polish this process.

There is no winning setting for a Google Display campaign. By testing different settings, ad sets in relation to the achieved results, you should get the one that will bring the most results (conversions) for the least invested funds.



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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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