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If you are in any business, ask yourself a simple question: "Do I need it?" website site? ”If your answer is anything other than“ yes, ”you need to think again. If you have a business that you want to develop, creating a website is a necessity today. Not having the same will certainly represent a loss of income. And you certainly don’t want that. Therefore, in our new text we answer the question of how to make a site and how much this process may be required.

Of course, depending on what functionalities you expect the site to contain, the complexity of the process of its creation will also depend. Sometimes the simplest design is the most functional, while sometimes a complex design is necessary. Here you can see some of our sites and get an idea of ​​what it is that you like and that would meet your needs.  


How to create a site using WordPress?

This depends on your purpose website site. The most complex way would be to learn how to code HTMLCSSJavaScript or PHP, programming languages ​​that represent the basics of virtually any website pages.

But this is not the only answer to how to make a website. Even if you are not well acquainted with the technical side of things, you can still set a good one website presentation. There are many platforms that can make this job easier, and it is certainly the most popular and the most overwhelmed WordPressWordPress sites today they represent a huge percentage of sites that are posted on the Internet. And how to make a site using WordPress read below.


Domain and hosting selection

The first thing to do is to choose the domain of your new site, ie the name of the address where your site will be. Choosing a domain and choosing a hosting provider for a site usually happens at about the same time in the process of creating a site. To begin with, let's differentiate between your domain name and the hosting provider.

Think of your domain name as your home address - it's a way for visitors to find your site on the Internet. A domain can be the name of your company or a key phrase specific to your business. Of course, you have to check if the domain you want is free so that you can take it. Your hosting provider is where your site is actually stored. Good hosting allows your site to function smoothly regardless of the amount of data you have on it. You can also check the availability of the desired domain with your hosting provider. Our long-standing reliable hosting partner is Dream Web hosting.

After choosing a domain name and hosting your new site, you will need to install WordPress to connect your new domain with website location. Most hosting providers will allow that over cPanel-a install WordPress.

After installation WordPress-a, you will need to answer a few questions about the domain you want to use, the directory in which you want to install WordPress and site administrator information.


WordPress theme

You can customize your site with WordPress-this themes and templates, which provide many different layouts, formatting styles, colors, fonts and other visual options. WordPress it automatically gives you a default theme that looks pretty simple. Still, customized WordPress the theme, whether paid or free, will make yours website location more attractive to customers, and will look more professional.

screenshot from the wordpress admin panel

To be in the box WordPressTo find the topic that works best for you, go to the admin control panel. Click "Layout" and then "Themes." You will then be redirected to the screen to view all available topics or search for the specific topic you want to add. See more read about choosing an appropriate topic here.


Add content

The content of your site is certainly the most important part of it. Exactly what you provide to users by responding to their search queries will affect how the site will be rated and ranked in search results. When you add content to your WordPress site, it is displayed in the form posts (articles) and pages.

Articles (or "dynamic pages") are commonly used for blogs because they automatically put your latest content on top. The pages are static, their content always stays in the same place.  

screenshot from the wordpress admin panel

Start by deciding if you want the post or page to serve as your home (Home Page) your site. To add a new article to your site, go to the admin control panel, click "Articles" and then "Add New." Then you specify the title of the article, insert photos and edit the format of the article.


Customizing the site

There are several ways to further customize your site. On the "Settings" tab on yours WordPress page administrator you can customize many parts of your site to the needs you have. This way, your visitors will have the best possible user experience.

screenshot from the wordpress admin panel

Within the already mentioned "Layout" option, you have the option to adjust the menus (menus), add various widgets and further customize your site.

The more content you add to the site and the more you adapt it to the options offered, the more the site will start to take on the look you wanted.

Have a good one website The site is important. It’s the way you connect with visitors and potential customers, create a positive first impression with new users, and drive conversions. 


We have guided you through the basic steps in creating and designing website site using WordPress. If you still want a team of experienced people to do this job for you website Designer Digitizer is at your service. 


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