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Every business should ask itself as one of the basic questions how to make a good site? A good and functional site is your ID card and the first thing your future clients will introduce you to. For that reason website the site is a segment to which all the necessary attention and resources should be devoted. You can often hear the question how to make a good site? Is there a list of features that a good site should have? There is, of course, no easy answer to this. As with many other SEO-related questions, the answer will be: it depends. What kind of site do you want, what is your target audience, what do you want to achieve? Yet there are elements that help each website the site gets better and to be better positioned in the search results.


Elements of a good site

It is often very demanding to list all the things that affect a site to be good. However, very often when talking about quality optimization. Even Google has been saying for years that the focus should be on site and content quality. After each algorithm update by Google-and, the answer for those who lost the ranking is the same: maybe it's not your fault, because other pages seem to respond better to this particular query.

You don't have to take everything Google says as Scripture, but in this case they are right. The content should be constantly improved! Always keep in mind the intentions of the users and the behavior of your potential customers. You should repeat the research periodically keywords. Always be up to date with developments in your industry. It is essential that you always find new opportunities in a changing market.


Your site should meet the intentions of the users and have a clear goal

Do you know your audience? How do you contribute to the community? Why should someone come to your site and do business with you? The competition has become huge and fierce and the constant struggle is what leads to success.

If you want to succeed, you have to know your audience. You need to find out as much as you can about them. Whether your product or service offer a solution to the problem or improves the life of your customer? 


You have to have good story. It must be aligned with what people want and need. That means you should know very well the intention of the user which are on your site. Discover all the possible ways people can get to your site and customize it to answer their questions. Very often it will turn out that the conversational style is what gives the results. Without too much professional terminology and unintelligible phrases.


Technical SEO is very important

Good website the site is easy to search and tells search engines what they can and cannot index. Good sites do not have many errors, they load quickly, regardless of the location or device from which they are accessed. Be sure to do everything possible to pages load as fast as possible, because it is one of the crucial factors for a good site.

Technical SEO is incredibly important and significantly affects the quality of the site. It is also important to choose a good hosting company that is reliable and has good support. As regards website development it is our choice WordPress platform, which provides everything you need for a quality and good site. 


The site must be reliable, secure and secure

Both search engines and users look for signals that mean trust. Why trust your site or your content? A site that loads slowly, provides inaccurate and unverified information, certainly cannot count on gaining the trust of users.


Search engines like Google-and will always choose a result that turned out to be a good result. Therefore, you must work on your reliability at all levels, both technical and content. In addition, your site should be safe for visitors. Use updated software, get it SSL sertifikat, make strong passwords.


A good user experience is a must have

Design your site should help meet the goals you have set. Your message should be loud and clear. The design should be brand oriented and well thought out. But more importantly, your site should be clear and easy for everyone to use. 

The user experience is not only what the site looks like, but also what it feels like. It is about giving users a pleasant experience, something they can remember with pleasure. A good user experience does not allow users to wait long for pages to load, to get frustrated because they cannot read the text due to a poorly chosen color scheme on the site or cannot use some functionality on the site. A satisfied user is also a potential client, so these are all answers to the question of how to make a good site.


The site must be mobile friendly

Mobile devices are increasingly taking precedence when it comes to internet search. If your site is not yet adapted to mobile devices, then this is the first thing you need to do. Mobile first means that Google predominantly uses a mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking.

This is a very important factor when it comes to ranking, as well as general site quality ratings. Since more and more traffic will come from mobile devices, the feature of a good site will be that it is primarily created for display and use on mobile devices. Responsive sites therefore have much better results.


Your site should 'talk' directly to search engines

For years, search engines have been trying to read content from the pages of sites to determine what they are about. They need that content to match the search query to the indexed pages that give the best answers to a query. That's why search engines need a little guidance to discover the true meaning of the elements on a page. Entering structured data is another item in the strategy of how to make a good site.


Scheme markup is something like a search engine compiler. It describes the elements on the page, so that search engines can say with greater certainty what the site is about. In return, because it is Google so confident in the content, the labeling of these elements affects the appearance rich resultsof your pages in search results. Structured data is one of the items that search engines pay a lot of attention to these days.

And finally how to make a good site?

As you can see there is a lot going on in making a good site. You need a strategy, and that is perhaps the most important element of a good site. Here you can see what the sites of our satisfied clients look like.


These are some of the most important elements you should focus on when developing and improving your site. Any information is worth its weight in gold, and we have prepared a lot of informative texts from digital marketing for you.

Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer