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Video content is a very powerful tool na social networks, which when used in the right way can bring a lot of benefits. If you are wondering what it means to use "the right way" and how to increase viewership video content, you will find out below.


Unlike photos that are static and can speak 1000 words, one should ask how many words a good video can say in that case, especially if it is placed to the right target group. The basis of marketing at the end of all completed high schools, courses, books read, constant education and experience gained, comes down to knowing the target group and dealing with it.

How to increase video viewership

Dealing with the target group implies a set of several mutual activities that lead to the desired goals. One of these activities is the use of video content that will attract the attention of the target group in an interesting, interesting and tempting way. Below are tips on how to increase the viewership of your video content.


Here are some tips for increasing the viewership of video material on social networks, on the example of the well-known brand Diamond.

Video content

Most important of all is the content that the audience will love and be interested in. Give them the content they will solve some problem, shorten the time spent, be fun, useful and interesting. Exactly what the content is will depend on your target group, but what is most important is to arouse emotion and provoke interaction with the target group. This is the best answer to the question of how to increase video viewership. People like quality and informative content, which solves a problem for them.


Specifically in this case, part of the target group is the female population who likes to cook and cook in the kitchen and you can provide them with a video recipe, HOW TO make this and that.

Since the entire content that you place on social networks should be colorful, not every video that is published should be a video recipe. A great example of one such video is below.


Due to the increasing bombardment of video materials on social networks, in addition to quality content that should be highlighted, it is necessary to be creative and to copy, or the textual description of the publication. In this way, you will attract those followers who may not want to watch the video at first, as well as increase the number of interactions, ie comments, likes, shares and save the post.

Specifically this post it is not a video recipe, but an edited video with extracted, interesting shots, which are tempting and sweet.

Even a video like this that does not solve any problem, does not show how to make a cake or shorten the time spent, can make a great interaction with followers and thus increase the overall quality of the post, which will Instagram algorithm recognized as valuable, which is of great importance.

Community management

When you have provided likable and interesting content, provoked the emotion and interaction of the followers, you move on to the part that does not require any special creativity, and is related to community management, ie nurturing those followers who reacted to the content. 

Responding to comments in a timely manner, directly contacting the followers who started the interaction, providing them with important information, etc. is extremely important for building and maintaining the brand, but also to increase the reach, future interactions and thus increase the viewership of video content.

Using hashtags

A long-known option of searching for certain topics and interests via hashtags, which are otherwise used for categorization of content, provides the possibility of using them for the right purposes, in order to use them to achieve greater visibility of posts, or in this case increase video viewing. 

About proper use hashtags we have already written and you can read more about it at this M link.

Sponsoring publications

When all the above tips are followed and everything is done in accordance with a pre-designed strategy and content, it is time for the activity that should complete the circle and lead to the expected results, and maybe even exceed them. Which would be best.


The goal is always to get the best possible result with as little money as possible. This can be achieved by properly optimizing sponsored posts, via Facebook Ads Manager.

Earlier we wrote about ThruPlay video optimization which means that the ad will be optimized to reach people who will watch the video to the end. This is certainly the case when it comes to video of 15 seconds or less. However, for videos longer than 15 seconds, Facebook will use ThruPlay optimization to show ads to people who are more likely to watch the video for at least 15 seconds.

Of particular importance is the recently introduced option, which relates to budget spending. Namely, there is a possibility to choose the spending of the budget based on the presentation (impressions) or on the basis of ThruPlay-and.

  • With an offer for impressions, will be charged when at least one part of the video ad is shown, i.e. publications. 
  • With selection ThruPlay options, will be charged when the video ad is played for up to 97% of the time or up to 15 seconds, whichever comes first.

ThruPlay the option certainly brings a better result, as it increases video viewing, while the post is delivered to people who are more likely to watch the video for at least 15 seconds.

Video advertising which is used effectively, has a unique ability to connect with viewers almost instantly and attract them with a unique visual experience. This means that it is the right time for businesses to take full advantage of video advertising, and you have just learned how to increase video viewing in our new text.

Digitizer is ready to help you on the way to conquering the target group and improving business results. Contact us!

Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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