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Focus on video content and optimize it when uploading to Facebook can be of great benefit in increasing organic reach. 


How to increase the number of video views

The fact is that you want the video content you post to have as many views as possible, but do you know what needs to be done before it is published? You can find out below. Here are 4 useful features that you can use to increase video views on Facebook-u.


Enable video optimization when uploading video content

If you don't have the time or ability to optimize each video for mobile users while customizing it for desktop users, no problem. Facebook Creator Studio has optimization options that can help you get more views automatically, no matter which device your followers watch video content from.

To access this option, when uploading videos over Creator Studio-a, click on the section "Optimize”. Then to “video optimizations”And adjust the settings by turning onCar”Options. This allows the Meta algorithm to optimize the video. 

What do you get by including this option?

  1. Smart preview - Automatic display of the most interesting sections, before the video starts
  2. Smart crop - Customized video dimension for mobile phones, 4: 5 aspect ratio. Users on computers will see the original video.


By enabling this option, you can attract more viewers and keep them on the video post longer. Also, this saves time for manual video optimization.


Optimization for mobile phones first and foremost

As statistics show, about 80% of users Facebook- and worldwide access to the platform via the application, ie mobile phone. Only 1,5% use only a laptop or computer. While about 17% alternately use a mobile phone and a computer.

This means that the most important thing is to optimize the content for mobile phones. Give preference to the 9:16 format, as opposed to the standard horizontal, landscape format (16: 9).

Set the designed thumbnail 

Thumbnail is the photo at the beginning of the video. The key to getting more video views is convincing users to click on Play. Users scroll quickly and thus absorb content quite quickly. It is important that the photo at the beginning of the video is interesting and attracts the user to click and play the video. 

What to keep in mind?

  1. Choose a photo that accurately displays the content of the video without revealing a point or a lesson.
  2. Choose a photo that arouses interest, curiosity, surprise, delight or amazement of users.
  3. Use highlighted colors. This increases the chance of the user stopping and playing the video.
  4. The text in the photo should be clear and legible, so that users can quickly read what it is about.


When uploading videos over Creator Studio-and, some options are automatically suggested thumbnail photography. Instead of choosing between these default options, upload a photo that you will design yourself, to attract a click to run the video.

Add interesting information and CTA in the description

Attract users with a compelling title and description that appeals and leads them to learn and learn more. Think about how you can instantly get people interested in the content in the description. Here are some ideas:

  1. Ask a direct, personal question, such as, "What would you do?" Or "Do you think this will work?" This can make users engage and interact.
  2. Share a quote from a video that makes people curious about what happens in the end.
  3. Explain how users will benefit from watching. Information such as "Learn how to save 30 minutes each day" or "Learn a simple and quick way to complete a complex task" can help users decide if it's worth watching a video.


Complete the description with a Call to Action (CTA) that encourages users to watch the video. "Look to find out what's going on!" Or more directly, such as: "Press play to see how to save 1000 dinars every day! ”

Before you post a video on Facebook-u, make sure the CTA and all other key elements in the title appear before the "see more" section. Facebook shortens long descriptions while users fly over quickly feedWell, it is in your interest to look at the important information in the description without having to click anywhere else.


Add keywords to increase visibility

It's easy to conclude that most video views will mostly come from followers, but when you want the video to reach those who don't follow you, you can increase your chances by adding keywords, so that the video also appears in search on Facebook-u.

U Creator Judge-you can add tags (keywords) to tell the algorithm when to display your content in the search. To get started, enter a keyword in the search box. Then select the appropriate options you want. This way you can add up to eight keywords.

Although you can add unique keywords, the choice of which Facebook offers from the proposed list is the best for optimization. Make sure you choose the keywords that are relevant to your content.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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