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We all love visuals, in fact visuals attract us more than some text. It's just how the human brain works. Visuals are the reason why Instagram is one of the most popular social networks.

If us ask - vthey are the law!

Whether you are designing an image for your blog, experimenting or creating your first graphic display, visual content is an effective form of communication, but only when it is well done. Creating powerful visual content requires time, energy, resources and knowledge. While it may be tempting to just get the job done quickly, to really make an impact you need a great story told through striking and quality design.

In these 8 examples, you will learn how to improve and make your own visual content more interesting.

1. color

Don't overdo it with different colors. Paints should be used sparingly to emphasize the importance of information.

2. Typography

The font must be legible and appropriate for the style of communication. It is best to use only one font on the visual.

3. Schedule

Present content in a way that guides the audience through a logical hierarchy. Aligning the elements in the layout will help maintain tidiness.

4. Frames

Use boxes sparingly to highlight only key information.

5. Space

Keep enough “negative” space. When there is too much information in one place, the message becomes cluttered and unclear.

6. Icons

The icons that are added should be simple, easy to understand and universal. Remember that their task is to beautify the goal, not to hinder it.

7. Data

Don't overwhelm the audience with countless unnecessary data, it should be short and clear.

8. Simplicity

Avoid unnecessary design, remember that minimal design can be very effective as long as you have a strong story.

Visual content it does more than attract attention. It is known to improve memory by up to 400%. So the better your visual content, the more likely your audience is to remember the message.

According to research that included more than 500 marketing companies, the largest percentage of company goals include creating more visual content-and.

Combining elements such as image and text or adding interactive media can make your visual more successful. Data visualization, original artwork and authentic photographs also help to enhance yours content-and.

Use some of the above tips to create an engaging visual and thus arouse emotion in people who follow you on social media or read your blog.


Made by Andrej Jovanović - Account Manager @Digitizer