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At the end of September, Meta announced new instruction how creators can increase their reach on Facebook. This is a three-part series of posts that will help you understand the basics of displaying content on Facebook.

While these are tips for creators, they are universal. You will learn how the News Feed algorithm works now and if you want to increase your reach to your audience on Facebook, these tips will definitely help.


Distribution of content on Facebook

The Meta Guide will cover distribution, content best practices, and Facebook's integrity system.

In the first part, distribution is explained - what it is and how the content is viewed.

At its simplest, distribution is Facebook's process of connecting users with content they find entertaining and informative.

How does Facebook do it?

Based on the answers to 4 questions, Facebook gets all the necessary information:

  • Who would like the content? Many signals are looked at here, such as: who posted the content and when, what the topic is (with what interests it is connected).
  • What content is published? What posts are available from friends, other creators, and pages that Facebook can also display?
  • What is the chance that people will respond to the post? Facebook tries to predict how likely a certain person is to react to your post.
  • How interested will the audience be in the post? Based on all the data Facebook collects on a post, which pieces of content should be prioritized?


Essentially, engagement is crucial. Facebook shows users more content to click, comment, share, like, and more.

Your posts reach users in two ways:

  • Affiliate Distribution: Your posts are seen by those who follow you on Facebook. This is your core audience on the platform.
  • Unaffiliated Distribution: Your posts are seen by those who don't follow you but may be interested in your content. This type of distribution can come through other users sharing and re-sharing your posts or from Facebook recommendations in "Suggested for You" sections.


Facebook was originally created as a platform to connect with friends and family (affiliated distribution). Now, your posts can reach far more people through offline distribution in three specific ways:

  1. Create original content, content that you have recorded or created yourself
  2. Content optimized for sharing, content that users want to share, content that sparks dialogue and discussion
  3. Be recommended: Content must comply with Facebook's integrity rules and guidelines


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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