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One of the basic and most important things we need to focus on when writing is how to get the reader's attention.

We choose what attracts our attention. In the text, the first thing that catches the reader's attention is the title. However, even though the title is good enough, it does not mean that you have completely attracted the reader's attention.


How to get the reader's attention

Ofcourse yes text which you write it must be interesting, but what is most important after the title is the first or the first few sentences. The first sentence is something like a subtitle, that is, it should be its role in the text. If the title of your text is appealing, the first sentence is there to hold the reader's attention.

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As we are already in one of the previous texts When writing, it is important to know what is "bothering" your reader and what problem he is facing, because you are here to offer a solution. 


How to make the text interesting?

Tell the story, use descriptions, use personal experiences or the experiences of someone you know, anything that will interest the reader. It is important that the reader has a feeling that you understand him, that you know what problem he is facing, because you have described it so well. It is very important that you write simple, easy-to-understand sentences. As you write, imagine that you are addressing a friend and wanting to help him solve a problem. 

If you use your personal experience in writing, it goes without saying that it will not be an impersonal text, but on the contrary - a text with a lot of emotions and that is what attracts attention.

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You only have a few seconds to get the reader's attention. Think carefully about what will be written in the title of the text, as well as how the first sentence will read. This does not mean that the rest of the text can be poorly written. Once you've caught your eye, make sure you keep it by providing useful information about the product or service you offer.


Photos as a mandatory part of the text

Choosing photos for text is an extremely important part of copywriting. They must be related to the topic of the text and must be conspicuous enough to attract the reader's attention as part of the text. There are many sites where you can download photos for free, it is important that you "just" make a good choice.

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Ask a question

People like to answer questions about themselves. So don't forget to ask a question or give them something to think about, which will make them maybe read your text one more time or start thinking about how exactly your product or service is what they need.

The information you offer in the text is important, but how you present it is, in essence, the most important part.


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Made by Ana Korolija - Senior Copywriter @Digitizer