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Every day a minimum one billion people use Google.

1 billion = 1 = 000 million = 000 thousand

Of all searches, 90% ended up on the first page of google, and less than 10% on the second. 


These facts have made Google one POWERFUL digital economy which, unfortunately or fortunately, decides the amount of visitors (eng. traffic) on your site. We share with you the easiest ways to increase the number of visitors using Google.

How to increase the number of visitors to the site?

Add new content to the site regularly

  • New content is preferred min. 2 times a month. This is a big part of the main strategy of increasing the volume of visitors to your site. Google recognizes when you frequently add new pages or posts and rewards you with a better position.
  • Adding new content allows old visitors to see your business from a new perspective. For example, if an old potential customer or client was not previously interested in your services, new content might interest them.

Choose popular keywords


What it means?

When someone mentions your keywords you have 2 options:

  1. To look at him WHITE as a calf
  2. To absolutely understand what he is talking about
  3. option DOES NOT EXIST.


And why? So because narrowly specialized areas like knowledge of Google or Facebook algorithms require incredible understanding and the will to do and learn things at some point that you don’t know if you’ll need. It's not economics. It is neither a right nor a building. But it is also economics and law and construction (without insulting other faculties, we did not choose according to a special yardstick) and it will be more and more. Take our word for it.


How, but really how, to choose keywords?

Well, somewhere on your site, there are some of your texts. If there are none MAKE THEM (or we will have to). In the mentioned texts there is something called Title (Titles) or Subtitles (Subtitles or Subtopics), H1 tag, H2 tag and so on.

Essentially, IMAGINE how someone who needs something you sell or something you offer would type into the Google rectangle (a market term).

For example:

"The best lawyer in Belgrade"

"The best fish on rafts"

"The richest politician in Serbia"

There, those are the key words.

And if you sting that there are the most of them on your site, you win.


At least for a while.


Until Google Brother changes the algorithm or at least what they call the algorithm.






As you already know, the social networks you use define the target you are addressing and can in an AMAZING way help you in promotion as part of the marketing mix if and only if you create VALUABLE, ATTRACTIVE and INTERESTING content. If your posts and your content are intended for a narrowly targeted audience, make sure that audience sees it.

The sieve must be shaken!

Creating groups for which you will be interesting, and from all kinds of audience on social networks, is not an easy job.

It’s a job for professionals.

But when you go, there is no going back. If the audience is "loyal" to you, they will watch, follow, like, comment and share your content. Google recognizes everything. If they believe and love your content on the site, they will scroll all the way to the bottom of the site - that's it Google algorithm strength test. Dangerous thing.




You need to know the different ways that can help you get visitors from Google and that you will later convert into sales as THE MAIN GOAL. These methods will help you drastically in that. Start as soon as possible because the algorithm of brother Google has WEATHER DETERMINANT – the longer the better!


Contact us and we will help you!

Made by Mladen Manojlović - CEO @Digitizer