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We live in a time where the flow of information and services is accelerating every day, and where the digital world is increasingly our everyday life. However, one graphic sign, one graphic solution, conveys the desired message the fastest. And as the world is increasingly reduced to visual communication, the logo in its simplicity is increasingly an unavoidable symbol of advertising, recognizing and sharing information. We bring you tips on how to design a logo by which they will recognize you.


Think about how you recognize the biggest brands. What first comes to mind when you think of Mac, Coca-Cola, Mercedes. That's right. Their own logo.

How to design a logo?

Rest assured that whatever business to deal with, how to design a logo is one of the most important tasks ahead of you. The job of the logo is to identify, not to explain. The logo should not explain what business we are doing, it should just be recognizable. Often the inspiration for designing a logo is not enough. So we will look at a couple of tips and rules that help us express ourselves in the best way.


What is important as for any start is that you need to be confident in yourself and in how to design the logo. Complication and complexity should definitely be avoided in creating and designing. This includes the use of many colors. Three colors should be the optimal number of colors in the logo. You also don't need to rely on current trends, nor copy the competition. You need to be original, creative, come up with something of your own and not fall into clichés.

Logo types

For easier understanding of the logo, easier expression in the visual context and answering the question of how to design a logo, we will show all 7 types of logos in examples.

1. Monograms, typographic logos 

img source: NASA logo

Monogrammed logos are logos that consist of letters, usually brand or business initials. If we look at examples of well-known companies whose name consists of a few words, we see that they resorted to the use of monograms in the design of their logo. By using just a few letters, logos can be effective in simplifying any business that has a long name.

2. Textual monograms

img source: Google logo

This type of logo is usually used by well-known and popular brands and companies. Since the name itself is already striking and remembered in combination with the strong typography, the logo helps to create a strong brand recognition. Using this logo is a good idea if you have a clear company name that will stay in the minds of customers. Having your name in a well-designed font will make your brand more beautiful and recognizable.

3. Images and symbols 

img source: Instagram logo

The most important thing to consider when deciding on this type of logo is which image to choose. It is something that will stay with your company throughout its existence. But this logo can be an awkward logo for new companies or those without strong brand recognition.

4. Abstract logos

img source: Reebok logo

These are usually abstract geometric shapes that represent your business. Instead of being limited to the image of something recognizable, abstract logos allow you to create something truly unique to present your brand.

5. Mascots 

img source: Pringles logo

The mascot is an illustrated character who represents your company. Think of them as ambassadors of your business. Mascots are great for companies that want to create an atmosphere that is attractive to families, especially children.

6. Combined logos (picture and letter combination)

img source: Lacoste logo

A combined tag is a logo that consists of a combined word or letter sign and a pictorial sign, abstract sign, or mascot. Since the image is associated with an image in this type of logo, the combination is a versatile choice, and the text and the icon or mascot work together to enhance the recognition of your brand.

7. Emblems

img source: Starbucks logo

An emblem consists of a font inside a symbol or icon. Much like badges, seals or coats of arms. Because the combination of symbols and text together creates a striking image, these logos can be very effective as a trademark. They are especially popular in the auto industry.

What to pay attention to when creating a logo

The logo as well as the business strives to be effective and memorable. In order for the logo to become recognizable and unforgettable, it should always be current and modern. The spectacular logo is unforgettable, which means it is easy to remember. And that is usually achieved with simple solutions. 


So when thinking about a logo, it would help if we could imagine it in the size of an application icon.

You need to reveal your vision that you want to see in the logo. A good example of this is the "Apple" logo. The story is connected to him that the part of the apple that is missing, the so-called bite, plays a play on words in English. Where (one) bite - means bite, bite, and is pronounced the same as (one) byte - which means a unit of digital information. In any case, the "Apple" logo is unforgettable and simple. Which is the goal of the logo. 

How to reach the goal?

To help you discover your goal, you need to answer a few questions.

  1. What is the purpose of the logo and where will it be displayed?
  2. Which service or product does the job for which the logo is made provide?
  3. What are the long-term goals of the business?
  4. What is the target group?
  5. What and how much is the competition?
  6. What are the differences compared to the competition?

We come to a part that is wrong to think is of a technical nature. And that is that our logo should be applicable regardless of the type of background. The logo should be visible on every background and on every color background. A successful logo works on a variety of media and backgrounds.

Logo in the future

The logo has become an indelible signal in the digital world and the world in general. The logo has been there since the beginning of human history and its transmission. The first symbols and the first drawings are the first information we still use today. In the future, the logo will play an increasing role in communication and brand recognition. We hope you find these tips on how to design a logo useful.

Made by Vladimir Bojic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer