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As the end of the year approaches and with it the holidays, it's time to dedicate yourself to greeting card design, whether it's Email-u, post on social networks or a printed greeting card (which is almost no longer used). It is certainly desirable to be a little more creative than the simple, recognizable message "Happy New Year and Christmas". Of course, gifts and discounts are something that will make your customers, customers and associates happy the most, but we also offer you a few tips on how to stand out visually and draw attention to yourself in the sea of ​​congratulations that will arrive during this period.

example of a marry christmas greeting card in gold letters on a dark blue background

That the use of holidays for marketing purposes should not be taken lightly is certainly testified by Coca-Cola which raised New Year's campaigns to a higher level. In addition to the already recognizable creation of Santa Claus, Coca-Cola has created a number of other symbols for marketing purposes, such as polar bears and red trucks, which clearly indicate that the New Year and Christmas holidays are approaching and that in addition to time spent with family and friends, they are an indispensable part of Coca Cola.


How to design a greeting card

Him, let's get back to the topic and design of the greeting card.

As technology develops over time, and thus new possibilities open up, trends and styles in design change from year to year, so congratulations are no exception and for them, above all, it is desirable to be innovative in order to be noticed.

Simple design

You must not have heard for the first time "Keep it simple“. Even we have already written about that trend within the topic of Fr. minimalism in design.

As people encounter a lot of designed content on a daily basis, websites, social networks, catalogs, flyers, brochures, billboards… direct and simple graphic solutions can come as a "short break" and look good at the same time.

 This design is characterized by a small number of graphic elements and colors with a lot of whiteness or empty space. Typography and images are reduced and simple.

Modern design

As the new young generations mature, the design becomes more and more strange and unusual. For example, you can use graphic elements for greeting cards, which do not have to be typical for the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Something between sweet and weird so reminiscent of gaming industry and street art.

This design is characterized by bright colors, unusual typography, frequent use emoji stickers as well as creative solutions that look like mistakes and violations of graphic rules.

a red ribbon with a bow behind which is a background of snow-covered steels

Vintage design

What is called today "Vintage"Or"Retro“Is a combination of styles from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

This design trend is characterized by the use of muted colors, strong shadows, overlay-a, frames, large graphic elements as well as classic motifs, but in combination with modern technologies and modern graphic expression.



Animated greeting cards are something that certainly attracts attention, and with modern technologies they are quite easy to make, especially since simple elements with simple transitions and without too long duration are used.

The most important thing when designing a holiday greeting card is to actually convey a good mood among your users, even if it means that you have to deviate from the book of graphic standards when it comes to colors or typography.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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