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WordPress sites have begun to gain their initial popularity among bloggers due to their ease of use and installation. WordPress started life as a blogging platform and by default displays your blog posts on the homepage. However, if you are doing business website site you will definitely want a separate page for the blog section. In this article we will show you how to create a blog page for blog posts in WordPress-u.


How to create a blog page?

WordPress allows you to easily configure the site to have a custom homepage. This feature also allows you to select or create another page on the site to be used as a blog page.

The first thing you need to do is create a separate page on the site that you will use as a blog page. You can name this page however you want. We have, for example, named a blog page on our site News & Stories.

In the section Reading settings (Your homepage displays) you need to click on the option Static page. You can then select the homepage and blog page you created earlier. Under the option Article page (posts page) select the page you created as the blog page. Now all your articles will be published on the selected page.


You can now go to Parties »All sides in the admin panel. You will notice your blog and homepage with new bookmarks. Click on the link Take a look at below the page name to review it. The appearance of the page depends on yours WordPress themes and you may need to configure theme settings. 


Add a blog link to the menu

Put a link to the blog page in the navigation menu of your site. Once you've created a separate blog page, help visitors to your site find it easily. By selecting an option Appearance (Appearance) "Menus you get the option to add the blog page you created earlier to the navigation menu.

screenshot from wordpress control panel

If you have a static page, you may also want to make a list of recent posts to add to that page. This way people can still access your recent posts from your homepage or any other page of the site, as well as by going to the blog page. The solution to this is to add widgets.

By selecting an option Appearance »Widgets you open the option to add an adequate widget to the site. Find the widget Recent articles on the left side of the screen and drag it to the appropriate place on the right side. Name it as you wish and select the number of articles to display.

We hope this article has clarified how to create a separate blog page on your site. Visit our blog page and find lots more educational texts.

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