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Scheme markup is a type of microdata that makes it easier for search engines to analyze and interpret information from the site, so that they can display good results to users based on search queries. It was created in 2011 as a product of a collaboration of the world's leading search engines, with the aim of better understanding the content of sites, as well as a better user experience. Like Sitemap XML this is another opportunity to make the content of the site as understandable as possible to search engines.

As with others markup format, microdata Schemes are applied to the content of the page in order to define exactly what the content represents and how it should be treated. Elements and attributes Scheme markup-and can be added directly to HTML site to provide additional information to search engines.

What is provides a range of labels and properties for detailed labeling of your products, reviews, local companies, job postings, etc. Main search engines, GoogleBing, Yandex and Yahoo, have jointly developed this vocabulary to reach a common language that allows them to better understand sites. is defined in two hierarchies: the first for the textual values ​​of properties, and the second for the things they describe. Vocabulary can be used with several different encoding methods, including RDF, Microdata i JSON-LD. These dictionaries cover entities, entity-action relationships, and can be easily extended using a well-documented extension model.

What is Schema markup for?

Inclusion of microdata Scheduling- Yours HTML code can help search tools interpret the content of your pages more efficiently. This in turn can increase your visibility. However, it is important to keep in mind that inclusion Scheme markup (or any other structured tagging format) does not imply in your code that you will "hack" search engines. Instead, understand Scheme markup as a best practice to make it easier for search engines to find and display relevant content.


Currently Scheme markup does not directly affect the ranking, and how Google hard is not currently used as a ranking signal. Yet, Scheme markup improves rich results (formerly known as rich snippets) of your site, which can help make your pages stand out in search results.

Schema and rich results

In addition to making it easier for search engines to categorize site content, Scheme markup it can also be used to define and display rich resultsof your content in search results. Although this issue has often been the subject of controversy and misunderstanding, Google actually used Scheme markup to display  rich results- a. Clear, concise and rich rich results-and can result in more clicks, as users can quickly and easily determine if the content on your site is indeed what they are looking for.

Scheme markup is great for local SEO. With structured data, you can give search engines more information about your local business, including address and contact information.

How to add Schema markup to a site?

Bookmarking pages with microdata Scheduling-e can be hard work, especially if your site has a large number of pages. Tagging had to be added manually to each page, which is a lot of work for larger sites. Certainly for smaller sites this represents less work and time required to get it done. For that reason, this job is automated today, and there are numerous tools that make this job much easier.

The more data you include in Scheme markup, the nature and purpose of the content of your site will be clearer to search engines. Also, it is worth remembering that before Google can generate rich results using your data, you need to add tags Scheduling-e on a number of properties. You can check what information can be extracted from the marking with Googleof this Structured Data Testing Tool.

Before proceeding with the implementation, you need to know which structured data types to use. There are two ways to add structured data to your site. The first is the manual mode, ie. editing HTML file and add the necessary tags, and the other is through someone Plugin-and. 

Scheduling, Schema - All In One Schema Rich Snippets, WP SEO Structured Data Schema, WPReview Pro some are the most populated Pluginwhen it comes to WordPress, some of which are free, while some require paid usage.

Scheme markup it certainly represents a segment that you must have for good created and designed site, because search engines are constantly developing new ways of presenting search results, they most often use data for that Scheme markup.

To find out how to make your site more understandable to search engines, read the blog at the following link: What is an XML sitemap?

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