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The fact is that today more and more searches on the internet are done via mobile devices. The modern pace of life dictates that we have to end a lot of obligations on the go, and therefore mobile devices are taking precedence in the use of the Internet. Google therefore, in 2018, he inserted a ranking factor called mobile-first indexing. What exactly does this concept mean and how does it affect optimization?eb sites will be answered below.


What does mobile-first indexing mean?

That means it will for Google mobile version of your website become a starting point for what Google includes in its index a base value for determining the ranking of pages in the search. This switch was made, as we have already mentioned, because more and more searches are coming from mobile devices. In order to provide these users with the best possible experience, Google has decided it is time to prioritize results on mobile devices. It is important to note that mobile-first indexing is not a separate index. Google there is only one index from which it displays the results.

It's called mobile devices-first (mobile first) because it's not indexing for mobile devices only. If veb the site does not have a version adapted for mobile devices, desktop with the version of the website will still be included in the index. But a lack of mobile-friendly experience could negatively affect the ranking of that site, and those sites with a better mobile experience could potentially gain ranking increases even when searching with desktop with-a. Here you can find great a free tool that tests whether a website is mobile-friendly which automatically tests multiple URLs.


How mobile-first affects SEO?

Although there was no room for panic at the very beginning two years ago, and like any change, it took time to implement, today this factor is gaining more and more importance. What’s more, it could be said to be becoming one of the most important factors, along with website loading speed and links to your website, which affect who you will be in the search results on Google-u. 

You don’t have to have veb a site adapted to mobile search to be in mobile-first indexing, because it will Google index and websites created primarily for desktop with devices. But it will be extremely difficult to rank yours veb site if not adapted to mobile devices. Therefore, all of you who do not yet have a website adapted for mobile devices and responsive to all screen sizes, think carefully about which next step is your priority. Of course, sometimes the solution is to have a website specifically designed for mobile devices, and others specifically for desktop with search. But, you will agree that this is not such a common case with us.

If you are not sure if your website is mobile friendly you can easily check it at the following link.

Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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