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Everyone would like to know the formula for the best ranking website in search. Like search engines, above all Google as the most popular, evaluate the value of and quality of content on the website? The answer to this question tried to John Mueller iz Google-and.

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Mueller says how Google-It may take months to understand how a site fits into the overall Internet in terms of site quality. The time it takes to Google understood any changes or corrections to the site may take several months.


How long does it take for Google to evaluate site quality?

John Mueller answered a question on this topic and gave an interesting answer as to why it is important to Google understand how a website fits into the general context of the Internet. However, not in too much detail on this topic.

Yet the emphasis he puts on is yes Google must understand the integration of the site into the entire Internet and that it may take months for this assessment to be completed, implies that this is an important issue for Google. And in that case, the issue is important for SEO as well.

The question about the quality assessment of the site that was asked is:

"Are there situations in which Google denies the authority of a site that cannot be recovered, even if the cause (loss of position and authority) has been removed.

So, assuming the cause was short-lived turbulence with technical issues or content changes, how long will Google re-evaluate the site and fully restore its authority, search position, and traffic?

Does Google have such a memory? "


How Google determines site quality

Mueller first it talks about an easier situation in which the site shuts down for a short time.

As for technical things, I would say that we mostly don't remember such a thing in the sense that if we can't index a website for a while or if something disappears for a while and comes back then we have that content again, we have that information again, and we can show it again.

It’s something that mostly goes back to the old right away.

And that's something I think we need to have because the internet is sometimes very moody, and sometimes sites go offline for a week or even longer.

And they come back as if nothing had changed, but they fixed the servers.

And we have to have fun with the team, because users are still looking for those websites. ”

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General quality and relevance of the site

The bigger problem for Google is understanding the overall quality of the site, especially how the site fits in with the rest of the Internet.


Mueller continues:

"I think it is much more difficult when it comes to things about general quality, where assessing the overall quality and relevance of a website is not easy.

It takes us a long time to figure out how a website fits in with the rest of the internet. And that, on the one hand, means that we need a lot of time to recognize that maybe something is not as good as we thought it was.

Similarly, we need a lot of time to notice the opposite again.


And that is something that can easily take, I don't know, a couple of months, half a year, sometimes longer than half a year, to recognize significant changes in the overall quality of the site.

Because we basically pay attention to how a particular site fits into the context of the entire web and it just takes a lot of time.

So, that's something that I would say, compared to technical problems, it takes a lot more time to refresh things on that issue. "


The context of the site within the entire Internet

The way the site fits into the context of the entire net seems to be observing the forest in relation to the trees. We seem to focus on trees (titles, keywords, titles, site architecture, links).

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But what about the way the site fits in with the rest of the internet? Is that taken into account?

Since the question of how a site fits into the entire Internet is very general and can cover many things, it is probably not in the center of attention when considering optimization.

Mueller in this case, you are most likely thinking about the content itself and how that content differs from other sites on a similar topic, how it includes more information, or how the content is better or worse compared to other sites.

The question is which are the other sites in relation to which the quality is compared? Is the site compared to the best ranked sites? Or with all the sites that deal with a particular topic?

Mueller keeps mentioning how Google is trying to understand how the site fits into the entire internet and it would certainly be desirable to know something more about this issue.


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