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Modern businesses know that it is Instagram a key digital marketing platform for brand promotion and attracting social engagement. No doubt it is Instagram one of the leading, if not the leading social network. When it comes to the global picture there Facebook it probably still has a slight primacy, but if we talk about the domestic and regional market Instagram certainly dominates. Ultimately Facebook he would not invest $ 1 billion to become an owner Instagram-a. In our new text we will try to answer the question how Instagram can improve SEO?

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Offer content on Instagram-u is very broad and there is practically no topic that is not represented on it. Instagram has all. Basic platform for photos and video content, Instagram today it has over a billion active users, making it the second most used social network after Facebook-a. The average time that the user spent on Instagram-u is 53 minutes a day. Of course, its popularity is too great for businesses to ignore, which is why today more than 25 million brands have Instagram tasks.

There is no doubt that Instagram has become a very lucrative platform for businesses, and users are increasingly using it to keep in touch with their favorite brands or to explore the offerings and discover new products. As a result, 83% of users have discovered new products or services through this platform. Simply by existing on Instagram-brands can leave a positive impression on potential customers.


But do Instagram There are also some SEO related benefits that you might overlook?


How can Instagram improve SEO?

Potential benefits of engaging on Instagram-u do not stop on your profile, but can be extended to your site. And if Google rejects that social networks influence search results, platforms like Instagramcan benefit your SEO strategy by encouraging user engagement. Therefore, think carefully about social network optimization, jer Instagram your business profile can significantly change your place in search results.


Is engagement on Instagram a ranking factor?

Google has repeatedly said that social signals are not a direct ranking factor. However, this does not mean that social channels are not useful for SEO. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Numerous studies have found a strong link between social media signals and search engine rankings. Development the sites that occupy the highest positions in search have significantly more signals from social networks.

Be able tonstagram-and cannot be underestimated. It is unlikely to give immediate results, but its comprehensive presence is becoming one of the key factors in promoting the site, raising brand awareness, sharing content and controlling the reputation online. Here are some ways to Instagram can be used to supplement your SEO strategy:


Quality content always comes first

High quality content has been and remains one of the most important factors for SEO. Google rewards sites that contain quality content that meets the needs of Internet users. For this reason, your site should contain as many quality pages with interesting and attractive content. However, yours too Instagram content is also important for SEO purposes, as search results often direct users to social media profiles as well. 

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Instagram can increase the presence of online businesses and increase brand awareness, which is of great importance when it comes to position in Google-u. People are more likely to connect with you or share your posts when they are familiar with your business. Google it also likes sites that attract traffic from a variety of sources - direct visits, social media or email marketing.


Keywords are key

Of course, the keywords you want to position yourself are an integral part of your content. Keywords are an essential part of SEO. Once you've identified the most relevant and useful keywords for your brand and audience, you need to include them in your content so that users can find your site in an organic search. It is not always easy to identify the best targeting terms, which is why professional agencies can offer guidance, conducting keyword research for your business and discovering phrases that will most impact the SEO of your business. Once you've identified your target keywords, look for opportunities to include them in your Instagram profile.

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Keywords should also be used in the biography on your Instagram profile. As this is practically the only text on your page, you should think about how best to use the 150-character limit. You can include keywords as standard text or as hashtag-s. Hashtag- Users can switch to other relevant posts and are therefore considered useful for the user experience. HashtagThese help users find your content on their own Instagram-u. Using them with standard text clearly emphasizes your business, while highlighting valuable keywords, increasing the likelihood that your profile will be indexed on these keywords and thus attract more traffic.


Links are still important

When starting a business Instagram account, the most important thing to consider is how to present your brand in the most interesting way to customers Instagram-a. You have to take care that the values ​​of the brand are not disturbed and do not change during the presentation on Instagram. Instagram profile Google indexes, but this social platform blocks search engines from indexing individual posts. Therefore, it is unlikely that your images will appear in search results, but there is a way to solve this. Since it connects with Instagram orders are not taken by Google-As a factor, try to link to the desired post from as many other platforms and channels as possible. The more sources link to a post, the greater the chance that it will be indexed.

interconnected points in a geometric structure with an inscription of connections in the middle in English

Take advantage of all the elements available at Instagram-u, from biographies to photos that you publish to reflect and strengthen the brand image. When your brand is on Instagram-in the show in an attractive way, it will lead to greater engagement and real Instagram companions. Increasing social signals will lead to better SEO results.


Optimize images for search

Also consider how it will meta tag-ovi tj.meta tags look like Googlesearch results. Meta tags are text snippets that can have a huge effect on SEO. Google displays only up to 70 characters of the title tag, which is certainly too short to give a description that will encourage publication engagement. Instead, try to make your title as rich in keywords as possible with the most important information, in order to communicate the most relevant information before tag cut. Keep in mind to make your headline tag it should act as a call to action, so it should look as appealing as possible to users who see it.

Drawing of a man with a nude bag climbing a growth curve next to icons that symbolize ranking factors in internet search

Another important thing is or-text or alt-tag. This is the text that appears in the search results instead of the image that is not loaded or cannot be seen. Its original and basic purpose is to describe the image to visually impaired people who use screen readers on their phones or computers. However, this is also useful for SEO purposes. As search engines still cannot fully interpret visual information, or text can help them understand the content of the image. If yours or the text contains one of the keywords, Google will take this into account when indexing the image among other content on the page. Alt you set the text in the option Advanced Settings and then select Write Alt Text.

 Although there is no official confirmation that social networks, and therefore Instagram, directly influence SEO, many indications indicate that this is not quite true.


More about the relationship between social networks and site optimization you can read here.

Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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