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Do you know who one of your most loyal readers is? Target audience, people who have some benefit of your texts and the most faithful reader of all Google. In fact, it is the most important task of a search engine to achieve its purpose of existence. One of the most important things that Google it has to do is to associate what someone enters in the search bar with the corresponding search result. As long as it fulfills this task well, it will be popular and gladly used.


How does Google understand text?

Hundreds and thousands of sites, blog texts and images are posted on the internet every day. Google must review all those posts and websites so he could categorize and sort them all. But how Google understand the text? Can it Google to understand the text and read each post?

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Google can read text. It is necessary to be able to understand the text in order to categorize it correctly. Google cannot understand text that reads the same way as humans, but it can search and scan text so it knows how to categorize it properly.

Google must read the text in order to find the right results when the user enters a particular phrase in the search. Google takes the words you type into the search bar and scans the internet for sites that use the words being searched. The more words in your text match the words in the search bar, the more likely it is that the site will rank better in search results. Moreover, we know that it is even possible to rank for a phrase that you do not use in your text. So, it is clear that Google makes something to really read and evaluate your text one way or another.


We don't know in detail how Google reads the text, as this information is not freely available. However, there are some indications from which we can draw certain conclusions. We know it is Google made great strides when it comes to understanding the context. We also know that the search engine tries to determine how words and terms are related to each other. Key words are still an important factor in evaluating and ranking the text, but not as much as they were. Contextual interpretation of the text by Google-a implies that he can read the text, understand its meaning, form a deeper knowledge of the topic, use other media to enrich that knowledge and put the content in a context that matches complex search queries. 


Always keep readers in mind

Tests that are easy to read and provide useful information are not only inclined to your readers, but also Google-u. Inconsistent writing with a poor text structure is harder for both humans and machines to understand.

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The more you work on the text, its intelligibility and quality, the easier it will be for your users and Google understand the text and what you are trying to achieve with it. This will also help you rank better when a user enters a particular search query. Especially because Google seeks to create a model that mimics the way we humans process language and information. Google actually he wants to be a reader

By writing quality content that is well structured and easy to read, you will improve your chances of being well ranked in search results.


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Source: Yoast

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