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Remarketing campaigns are an important part of the Google Ads strategy.

There are more and more devices connected to the Internet in the world, and to show your ad again to site visitors, remarketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Remarketing campaigns are an important part Google Ads strategies.


Google Ads Remarketing

In order for a remarketing campaign to be successful, settings and settings play a key role here.

In our new text, we will cover several settings and tips when creating a remarketing campaign on the Google Ads platform.


Google Tags

In order for the remarketing campaign to start showing, it is necessary to set up tracking on your site. Most sites use Google Analytics and track users via Google tags.

If you manually add this code to the site, you must place it immediately after tags on every page of the site.


List creation - audience segmentation

After confirming that everything is in order with the tags in place, it's important to determine who you want to show your ads to again. If you do not have a large number of visitors, you can simply select the "All visitors" option.

You should also keep in mind that the audience segment you choose should not be too small. In this case, the ads will have a lot of difficulty in displaying.

Lists, i.e. you can create audience segments in Google Analytics or the Google Ads platform.

In order to to the new version of Google Analytics created a special audience segment - "Audience" go to Configure and then Audience Definitions. Here you can select users who visited a certain page, read a blog, added a product to the cart, and the like.

Once you've created your audience segment, all that's left to do is import it into the Google Ads platform.


Creating a Remarketing campaign

Remarketing campaigns are created in a similar way to standard Google Search and Display campaigns. The difference is in the settings.

Start with the name of the campaign, determine the budget and duration of the campaign. When you add an audience, select the ``Targeting'' option instead of ``Observation''.

Add the desired ads and start the campaign.

In the early days, pay attention to whether the ads are showing at all (it depends on the size of the audience you have chosen).

Remarketing is much more than targeting a specific group of users. It connects technology, audience and message placement.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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