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Chat GPT has illustrated how powerful AI chatbots can be in answering search queries. Google doesn't have anything similar to offer for now. At least the official one. The question arises as to how much this technology can become a substitute for the existing way of searching the Internet. 


How is ChatGPT changing search?

One thing to keep in mind. ChatGPT is not a browser. It is an artificial intelligence chatbot that uses natural language processing to understand and respond to user input. However, its appearance certainly established the market and led to reactions from all parties, including Google itself. 

Reactions from Google

The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, they are said to have made a surprising comeback, after stepping back from their day-to-day duties, to approve plans to add chatbot features to the browser. This can certainly be the answer to announcement that ChatGPT will be added to Bing. Google plans to launch over 20 new AI products this year and introduce a version of its search engine with chatbot capabilities.


Competition accelerates the race

In addition to the announcements of AI joining Bing, various startups such as i Neeva have already overtaken Google by providing the ability to provide answers to queries through a chatbot similar to ChatGPT. Sridhar Ramaswamy, the former head of Google's advertising business, who co-founded the Neeva search engine, says the intention was to create a search engine that offered a data privacy, ad-free, subscription-based alternative. By integrating ChatGPT, the search engine responds to user queries with a short answer that summarizes, with quotes, the most relevant search results provided by the ranking algorithm. has also launched a similar ChatGPT integration.

It is for these reasons that Google is accelerating the development of artificial intelligence and plans to launch a version of its search engine with chatbot capabilities this year. Despite its wariness about including generative artificial intelligence in publicly available browsers. Google already uses artificial intelligence to better understand the context of queries and provide more relevant results. It also uses artificial intelligence to understand the intent of queries, so it can provide more accurate results.


The future will provide the answers

The demand for a quick, convenient response to a query will continue to shape the future of search. No doubt Bing and Google, as well as other competitors, will race to offer these things.

OpenAI ChatGPT has fueled a shift in AI and search engine development strategy across the industry. We can only wait impatiently for what the future days and months will bring us.


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