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Google Webmasters changes name to Google Search Central and also got a refreshed mascot. In a blog post explaining the change, from Google-and they say that the term "webmaster" is gradually being abolished because it is outdated and declining in use.

"A user experience study we conducted found that very few web professionals still identify as webmasters. It is much more likely to be called an optimization expert, online retailer, blogger, web developer or website owner, but very rarely a webmaster“- they state in Google-u.

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service that helps you evaluate and maintain the performance of your site in search results. It was offered as a free service to everyone who owns the site. Google Webmaster Tools is a channel of information from the largest search engine in the world to you, which offers insight into how Google see yours website pages and helped to identify problems that needed to be solved. You didn't have to use this tool for your site to appear in search results, but it did provide you with valuable information that can help with your marketing efforts.


From now on, Google Search is Central 

Google Search Central has an identical purpose to help people improve the visibility of their site on Google search. The focus of the content published under the name Search Central will continue to aim to help SEO experts and site owners improve the visibility of their pages in the results Google search.


"We will continue to create content for anyone who wants their site to appear on Google search, whether you are just starting out with SEO or are an experienced web professional."

As an integral part of this change, blog texts and localized tool pages are being moved to new ones website website. Email and RSS subscribers will be automatically moved. All help documentation related to how Google search works, site listing and indexing, search guidelines, and other search-related topics are moved to the new Google-ov website site Search Central. In the future, all archived and new blog posts will appear here.

As they say from Google-and we should benefit from these changes in the following ways:


  • Discover more relevant content (help documentation, localized blogs, event information) on one website
  • Easier switching from one language to another (localized blog URL no longer needs to be found)
  • A better platform allows us to maintain content, more easily localize blog posts and consistently format posts       


Googlebot gets company

The longtime mascot Googlebot has now gained company. Namely, the refreshed design of the mascot also received a small spider as an accompaniment. The Googlebot mascot will now appear with a web crawling assistant - spider bot. This new character has not yet received an official name.

All these changes have been introduced recently. We'll see how long it takes to get used to speaking Search Central instead Webmaster Central.

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Source: Google

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