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Prediction video popularity on sites is very important for formulating online advertising and commercial marketing strategies. From 2022, it is predicted that the average person will spend 100 minutes a day watching videos on the Internet. 


Video Page Indexing Report

That is why it is very important that we have as much control over the data related to the achievements of our video content. Therefore, we are pleased with the news from Google-about the new report coming in Google Search Console called the Video Indexing Report (Video Page Indexing Report). 

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In the near future, new reports on indexing video pages will arrive in Google Search Console. This is on Google I/O posted Googleweb ecosystem consultant Dikla Cohen. The new report provides an overview of all the video pages it has Google discovered while listing and indexing your site.

The video page indexing report will be found in the Google Search Console-i, u Taboo Index, under video pages (video pages). This feature is not yet active, but should appear soon.

How can this report help you?

This report shows you a summary of all the video pages that are Google found while browsing and indexing your website. The report will help you:

  • To see how much he saw landing pagelanding pages Google also revealed how much the video was indexed
  • Examine the reasons for non-indexed videos on landing page-Eve
  • You get a list of video page URLs where you need to debug and fix problems
  • Confirm the update to begin re-listing the URLs affected by the error


Use the URL validation tool to check the video index status for a specific video page.

The first step in indexing a video is to index the landing page where the video will be displayed. Then, Google should recognize that there is a video that is visibly posted on the page and extract important information about it.

Video materials are super effective for business and marketing. However, very few companies actually use video content for their brand. 


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