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Google plans to integrate conversational artificial intelligence into its search engine, responding to increasing competition from AI chatbots such as Chat GPT.

Google is integrating AI into the search engine

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently revealed plans to incorporate conversational artificial intelligence (AI) into the company's search engine.

"Will people be able to ask Google questions and engage with the LLM [Large Language Model] in the context of a search? AbsolutelyPichai said.

"The opportunities are now, if anything, greater than before", he added.


The CEO did not say whether LLM will be optional when it comes to user interaction, meaning whether an individual will have the option to turn off any model in the browser.

The competition to integrate artificial intelligence into browsers has increased with the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI, a Microsoft-backed startup that already integrated into the Bing search engine. That change certainly led to shifts in the market and was certainly felt in global business. This is a problem for Google, as search advertising is its main source of revenue, bringing in $162 billion in the last 12 months alone. These figures clearly show how important this is for Google, but also for the competition that is trying to get its hands on as much of the pie as possible.

Until now, Google has been cautious when it comes to artificial intelligence chatbots, considering their accuracy and the potentially inaccurate data and information they can generate. Pichai revealed that Google will continue to refine its standalone Bard chatbot with new AI trends.


Race with the competition and with the means

The development of AI technology requires enormous computing power to process the calculations required to create technology that conducts human-like conversations. Pichai acknowledged that Google has to balance the use of AI resources with cost management.

Balancing AI development and cost management is key for Google as it faces pressure from investors to cut spending. In order for the costs to be acceptable, Google brain i DeepMind, the main corporate models of artificial intelligence, will collaborate more closely in efforts to create large-scale algorithms.

Google, like Microsoft, hopes to use its investments in AI models to capture as large a market as possible. Pichai predicts that smaller AI models will become increasingly useful, allowing companies to design their own algorithms or allow users to run algorithms on personal devices.

Google's decision to include conversational artificial intelligence in its search engine marks a significant shift in the industry. In competition with Microsoft, Google is making efforts to remain the leader in the search market. These innovations will certainly affect the way users interact with search engines, shaping the future of SEO and digital marketing.


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Source: searchenginejournal

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