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Google has entered full steam in the race of developing products based on artificial intelligence. Although at first glance it seemed that it was their appearance, above all Chat GPT-a, caught off guard, this giant announces numerous news. Google is in the process of building a "brand new browser" called Project Magi, powered by its latest AI technology, while at the same time working to add new AI-based features to its current browser.


Google launches Project Magi

Project Magi is essentially Google Search with the power of artificial intelligence.

According to a New York Times report, Google is working on a new project called Magi after learning that smartphone maker Samsung is considering replacing Google Search with Microsoft Bing as the default search engine on its phones. Samsung's potential loss of the $3 billion contract must have caused widespread panic at Google.

"The new browser would offer users a far more personalized experience than the company's current service, trying to anticipate user needswrites the New York Times.


 The fight for primacy

Google has appointed a team of designers, engineers and executives to build a new search engine that could set a new standard for AI technology in phones and homes around the world.

The new Google search engine is still in the early stages of development, with no timeline for when it will be released. But this new effort shows Google's ambitions to retain or if one prefers to retake search primacy. Google's new AI-powered search is expected to provide more personalized search results.

According to these reports, this project is codenamed Magi and could be released as early as next month to a subset of users. The new features will initially be available exclusively in the US and released to up to one million users. While it remains to be seen what the new tools will offer, they will likely be based on the conversational assumptions of Google's experimental Bard chatbot-and.


What does Magi bring?

Magi would allow users to perform transactions, such as shopping online or booking tickets. This would allow searchers to make financial transactions, all while incorporating existing, and for the company very lucrative, Google ads.

These changes may allow users to, for example, get answers to questions about software coding and writing code based on user requests. According to the available documents, Google would in that case send an ad below the answer with the requested code. 

Google may initially release Magi to select users in May, possibly at Google's annual developer conference.

In a statement, Google spokeswoman Lara Levine said the company is excited to introduce new AI-powered features to search and will share more details soon.


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