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On November 2, Google began rolling out the November 2023 Core Update, the second major change to its search algorithm in as many months. 

Google Core Update for November 2023

Google has released its Core Update for November 2023, this company has officially announced.  The update has been rolled out and is expected to be fully implemented in the next few weeks. Each Google Core Update is designed to improve the relevance and quality of web pages displayed for search queries.


"We have various systems that are considered the Core of our ranking process; This month's Core Update includes a different core system improvement than last month Google said in a statement. "However, our basic update guidelines are the same for both. "

Google apparently clarifies that the November Core Invasion targets the second part of the ranking process. However, the advice Google offers regarding the Core Update also applies to the October and November updates.


Google has published a more detailed Q&A regarding the Core Update

Google has published updated Q&A which address common questions about how search updates work. Here are some of the highlights: 


What is the difference between a ranking system and an update?

Ranking systems and updates are two different things that Google often works on. Ranking systems determine what content best answers a query, while updates change the way those ranking systems work. For example, a new or improved way of assessing content quality would be part of a ranking system.

“We use multiple ranking systems that do different things. We have a guide to Google Search Ranking Systems that explains some of our more notable ones. Updates are when we improve the ranking system.”


Are you doing more updates than in the past?

Yes, Google search is updated thousands of times every year. Most updates are small and go unannounced, but Google will tell you about the big ones that could significantly affect search results. There were 10 major updates shared in 2021 and another 10 in 2022, and it's likely to be the same for 2023.

If my traffic drops after the update, does that mean I'm spamming?

No, a drop in traffic after an update doesn't necessarily mean your content is considered spammy. But if your traffic drops after a spam-specific update, it could be because Google's systems have identified spammy content practices associated with your site.


What updates are you sharing?

Google shares details about updates that are significant and may affect search results in ways you'd notice. You can stay informed about it via Google Search Status Dashboard, subscribe to their RSS feed and view past updates.


How do you know an update is working to improve things?

Before any update is released, Google thoroughly tests it to make sure it really improves search results. This process involves analyzing a lot of data to decide if an update is useful. More information about this process is available on the website "How Search Works."


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