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A good title sells a story. It's the title the one that will attract the user to click on the link to your site and which will interest him in the content itself. Page titles have a big impact on CTR because they provide important context to search engines, but a recent study shows that Google redirects website titles in more than 60 percent of cases. A number that can be quite frustrating, given the effort invested in designing a good title.


Google is redesigning 61,6% of titles

Current research on analyzed more than 80.000 titles from 2370 websites to find out how many titles on the website were used in search results. They found that 61,6% of the titles were reworked, at least in part.

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Further examination confirmed that certain components contributed to the likelihood of rewriting the title. Google- It intends to provide its users with the best possible title to provide context for what the website contains. If the title is not good enough by their criteria, then it will Google algorithm to adjust.

This is often frustrating for website owners and SEO professionals who spend a lot of time designing the perfect title. Google-these changes ranged from one word to a complete change of title.


Factors influencing the change of title 

Still, there is hope that our titles will remain unchanged. Research has confirmed that following the guidelines for writing titles increases the likelihood that Google will keep your title, but that doesn't mean that following these guidelines guarantees it.


Titles that are too short or too long

In the search on the computer, Google usually limits titles to 650 pixels (often a little more for mobile results.) Titles longer than this are almost always abbreviated.

Ali Google he also rewrites very short titles.

Of the more than 2370 websites analyzed, Google has reworked more than 95% of extremely short and long titles. Page titles longer than 70 characters were changed 99,9% of the time, and titles of 1 to 5 characters were changed in 96,6% of cases.

It makes sense that it will Google redesign extremely short and long page titles to better understand the content of the website. The ideal length of the title was 51-60 characters, and in that case between 39% and 42% of the cases were changed.

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Google is concerned with providing information, so the use of too many keywords, the same multi-page titles and the unnecessary use of brand names has often led to Google make changes.


Use of brackets and separators

The use of parentheses, separators also increases the possibility of the title being changed. They are much more likely to Google change your title if you use parentheses. The search engine changed the title of the page with brackets in 77,6% of cases and completely removed the words between the brackets in 32,9%.

Do you Google cares which separator you use? According to the analysis, the answer is almost certainly yes.

For titles that use hyphens as separators, Google rewrote and completely removed hyphens in 19,7% of cases - and probably content in between.

For the sake of comparison, the titles that used the so-called pipe separators were changed in 41,0% of cases, which is more than double. Often, Google simply replaced it pipe another separator, usually a dash. The dashes seem to be definitely less susceptible to change.


Can you stop Google from making changes?

There is no way to guarantee that Google will not change the title.  GoogleJohn Muller said it was unlikely that the limiting mechanism would Google to change metadata to become available.

However, there is a light at the end of the metadata tunnel. H1 marks are an important ranking factor for Google and comparing H1 to the title, even if they contain frequently changed elements, reduced the likelihood of rewriting the title to 20,6%.


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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