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Google breaks the connection between Google analytics YouTube channel. New data will no longer be collected. Google analytics will no longer collect new data from YouTube channels after the connection between the two services is terminated. YouTube analytics now lets you track the performance of your channel and videos with the latest metrics and reports. The fact is that most authors have so far relied only on this analytics, and this suggests that from Google-and they were not overly loud when it came to breaking this connection.

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Google analytics has stopped collecting data from pages YouTube channel on February 1, 2021. Historical data will still be available, but new data will not be tracked. Possibility to establish a connection between Google analytics and YouTubewas removed in November last year. Channels with existing connections to Google analysts could see new data by the beginning of this month.


YouTube analytics is now the only one offering data

YouTube creators have always had access to a more complete set of analytical data in YouTube study. Egg Google analytics are YouTube-om was not necessary, so this option was offered more for the benefit of people who use it regularly Google analytics to track other data. From now YouTube Analytics is the only source for marketers to access the latest information on YouTube channels.

If you haven't had a chance to use it before YouTube analytics see basic information about this analytics below.


A brief overview of YouTube analytics

YouTube analytics can be used to monitor the performance of your channel and videos using the latest metrics and reports. YouTube automatically collects data on all channels and videos. It doesn't work like that Google analytics, where site owners must install tracking code.

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To access data in YouTube analysts, log in first YouTube Studio, then select Analytics in the left navigation menu.

In this section you will see different cards. In addition to the card overview, each card is customized to help you see information that is relevant to your goals.


Here's what you need to know about the different cards and the information on them:

Overview (Overview): Displays key metrics for your channel, such as viewing time, views, and subscribers. The 4 reports included on this tab are the most viewed videos, real-time activities, the latest videos and typical performance.

Reach (Reach): Shows the total reach of your content through the number of views and clicks. This tab includes reports on the types of traffic sources, the most important external sources, views, and search terms.

Engagement (Engagement): Shows what viewers are watching, represented by total viewing minutes. This tab includes reports on the most popular videos and playlists.

Publika (Audience): Shows who is watching your videos, which represents the number of unique viewers, the average number of videos viewed per viewer, and the increase or decrease in subscribers. This tab includes reports on audience location, demographics, and other channels you watch.

Prihod (Revenue): Shows how much money the channel makes from monetized videos. This card is only available to authors in YouTube affiliate program.


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