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Google ads they can be one of the most profitable decisions you make for your business.

Every time someone searches on Google-you have the opportunity to present your business for those keywords and phrases that are important to you.


Google Ads FAQ

For that reason, we decided to answer some of the most common questions, doubts about advertising on Google Ads platforms.

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How much is that?

One of the benefits of advertising on Google search is what you "pay" Google-only when someone clicks on your ad, ie. visit your site. Cost per click depends on several factors: your bid (bid) for the keyword, Quality score, competition. You set the total daily budget yourself.


Can competitors click on my ads indefinitely?

One of the most common questions we get when preparing Google The campaign is "What if the competition clicks and spends the budget?"

Fake clicks, spam clicks, competition clicks fall into the category of ''invalid clicks'' and do not affect advertising spend. A competitor can click on an ad once and you can't fight it. All over it Google classifies in ''invalid clicks''.

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Is it better to pay for advertising or to appear organically in search?

In order for, say, SEO to show results, the general view is that it is necessary 4 to 6 months to notice the first results. While with paid advertising on Google- You can be right away at the top of the search for given keywords and phrases. Google is constantly changing and improving its search systems and mechanisms, so the process of staying on top is quite challenging and demanding.


Are Google ads just ads on search results?

Google the platform offers a number of options where ads can be displayed. In addition to the ads mentioned in the search results (Google Search), There are also Display ads (banners you see on sites), Video adsYoutube), gmail ads, App ads, Shopping ads.


Google ads are easy to make, I can do it myself at home

The campaign configuration itself on Google-It's not that demanding, but there are too many steps where one mistake, such as incorrectly set conversions, can make the whole campaign meaningless. Campaign configuration is only one part of the setting Google Ads campaigns, some of the important steps are keyword research, setting up ad extensions, integration for Google analytics, site changes and the like.


Google ads are too expensive, I don't have the money to compete with multinational companies

Google Ads helps you be visible in search. Although there is a lot of competition for certain keywords, with research and deeper analysis you can compete for keywords that do not have a high volume of searches and where the cost per click is much lower. You don't have to target the entire country, you can try a radius around a specific address and such.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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