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There has been a lot of controversy lately about protecting the privacy of data on the Internet. Perhaps the loudest of all is "Conflict" Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),-a Facebook-a due to the data monitoring controls brought by the new iOS 14. The story of protecting the privacy of users is now included Mozilla-and with his new one Firefoxin 86

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Firefox 86 and complete cookie protection

Latest edition Mozilla allows even stricter blocking of cookies. Complete protection against cookies is the ultimate goal of these changes. This is the latest move in the ongoing struggle to protect user data. Mozilla has introduced its latest privacy feature with Firefox 86 for Mac, Windows, Linux and others called "Full Cookie Protection“. The new data protection option creates separate ones cookie jar for each website you visit, to prevent tracking between multiple sites.

Mozilla described a new one on her blog Firefox function:

“Our new feature, Total Cookie Protection, manages a separate cookie jar for each website you visit. Each time a third-party site or content embedded in a site places a cookie in your browser, that cookie is limited to the cookie jar assigned to that site so that it cannot be shared with other websites. ”


The new security feature is part of a strict ETP (Enhanced Tracking Protection) mode Firefox-a. However, there is support for cross-site tracking exceptions:

"In addition, Total Cookie Protection makes a limited exception for cookies between multiple sites, if they are not used for tracking purposes, such as those used by popular login service providers."

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This way Firefox it will not affect the ease of surfing, but with maximum protection of data privacy. Only when Full Cookie Protection determine that cookies will be used for this purpose, it will be possible to use cookies from different websites.


Privacy above all

Mozilla-and have a very clear position on the importance of the privacy of their users' data.

"At Mozilla, we believe you have the right to privacy. You should not be followed online. Whether you're checking the bank, looking for the best doctor, or buying shoes, unscrupulous tracking companies shouldn't be able to track you while you browse the web. For this reason, we are continuously working to strengthen Firefox against online monitoring of our users.

This is definitely a big blow for digital marketing, since in this way the collection of valuable data is denied. Yet FirefoxThe market share of search engines is currently not so large that it could make a significant difference. However, if others search engines decide to follow their example, they could lose access to the data they used to rely on in advertising.

To activate the strict ETP mode, and thus complete cookie protection, you need to do the following. When you are in Firefox-u click on the shield to the left of the site URL bar. Panel Preferences Privacy & Security will open after you click Settings. Select an option from here Strict located under Enhanced Tracking Protection. Finally, press the button Reload All Tabs to activate Total Cookie Protection.


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