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In one of the previous blogs we wrote about facebook business suite-u, about what the basic options are as well newspapers that have appeared with the latest update

Because there is another site management tool on Facebook-ui Instagramin (Facebook Creator Studio) and that there may be ambiguities in understanding the difference between the two platforms, in this blog you can find out what the difference is between them. 


Business Suite vs Creator Studio - basic information

When you manage a page on Facebook-ui / or Instagram-in, publishing and management options seem too extensive. Since there are regular updates, it is necessary to send them, be informed and keep up with them.

If you've ever been confused about which tool to use, you're not alone. In September 2020. Business suite was launched without any hint, confusing users, because it already existed at that time Creator Studio.

Then it is Facebook informed users by message via Business suite-a, which states that posts and videos are being moved to Creator Studio, stating that "soon these tools will no longer be available here". However, none of that happened to anyone.

Facebook is an introduction Business suite-and contributed greatly to the confusion, but now everything is much clearer regarding the functioning of both tools.

facebook logo

facebook business suite

Business suite was introduced in late 2020 to replace the app Manager. The goal was to simplify communication and interaction with followers (notifications, messages, comments).

Business suite allows users to:


  • Save time: Publish and schedule on Facebook-ui Instagram-at the same time control of announcements in one place, in order to be connected with followers from both platforms.
  • Up to date: Receive all notifications, messages, comments from Facebook-a Instagram-and, in one place so that you would be up to date and communicate more easily to all your companions.
  • Follow analytics and results: Review analytics and make conclusions about what works and what doesn't, and create an image of what followers like best.


Explanation of all options in the box Business suite-and you can look in the box one of our previous blogs.

Facebook Creator Studio

Although it was originally introduced as a tool for creating and managing video posts (as evidenced by the logo of this tool) Creator Studio has advanced a lot over time and now has a lot of options that overlap with Business suite-om. These are the same options related to tracking notifications, creating and scheduling posts, managing comments and messages, tracking analysts and the like. You can see an overview of the basic tools  in this blog. 

The main difference between these two platforms is that Creator Studio offers additional setup options and certain creative tools. This includes:


  • Detailed insight into video performance, viewing time and video retention.
  • Monetization tool - special video creators and publishers can use a variety of monetization tools to make money on Facebook-u. Depending on the audience and the type of content being placed, certain criteria must be met in order to use monetization tools.
  • Music Collection - An exclusive collection of original songs and sound effects that you can use on Facebook-ui Instagram-u.

If you are wondering which tool is best for you, there is no answer - the truth is that you will have to play with both platforms until you find out which one you prefer.

When you master the options and learn all the details about facebook business suite-ui Creator Studio-You will see that they are not as complicated as they seem at first glance. 


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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