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It seems that Google increasingly "aggressive" in connection with advertising experiments and tests performed in Chrome -u. The company has shared what it is working on and how you can activate some of the experiments in the current one Chrome Beta 94 version. None of the options are exactly new, but Google he now announces them publicly.

What does Chrome Beta 94 bring?

Although the company is not yet ready to make changes for everyone, for now it is actively looking for beta users to try out the new version. Chrome Beta 94. To do this, you can enable a collection of potential new options under chrome:flags, which give you several new features:


  • chrome: // flags / # ntp-drive-module
  • chrome: // flags / # ntp-recipe-tasks-module
  • chrome: // flags / # ntp-shopping-tasks-module
  • chrome: // flags / # ntp-chrome-cart-module


Note that these features of the new tab page are currently limited to Chrome version for desktop with computers.

Google has also highlighted a radically new search interface in Chrome-in for Android. As it could be noticed back in July, the company added a vertical bar with the results Google search, where you can switch to another result without having to use the button / gesture. It controls this function Continuous Search Navigation flag (chrome: // flags / # continual-search). When you activate it and restart your browser, you will first be redirected to page u Google search you entered in the search engine, but you will notice that Chrome-This top bar on the screen grows and adds results that you can rotate right to left. You can tap the results offered in the bar to switch to another site on the go, without having to go back to the search results first. To return to the results overview, tap the icon Google on the left side. This interface has a simple shutdown option on the right. 

Finally, the company wanted users to try out its new option to share citations for highlighted text in Chrome-in for Android. This option allows you to create a stylized image of a card with text quotes that are marked and very reminiscent of Instagram-s Story-is text-based. You can try this yourself if you activate WebNotes Stylize flag (chrome: // flags / # webnotes-stylize). The option to send or save the highlighted text will appear in the offered menu of actions you can take.

As already mentioned, none of these experiments is new. Google has openly advertised these tests and experiments. The company did not do much to draw the public's attention to it before Chrome flags, leaving them mostly as options for developers and enthusiasts. Instead, Chrome usually relied on server-side a / b tests to determine how the public reacts to new features and interface changes, without the current visible option to manually turn things on and off. Giving consumers the information they need to take part in the tests themselves is a step forward from the current strategy. Google recently added Chrome Labs next to the address bar with direct access to active experiments. This is certainly a very interesting change in the current strategy of introducing changes and new opportunities.

All the mentioned experiments are available in the current one Chrome Beta 94 version, which you can download for desktop with computer or in Playstore-in for Android phones.


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Source: androidpolice

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