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It can be noticed that Facebook (but also other social networks) constantly copies certain newspapers that previously appear on some other social networks. They probably say, "Well, we can have this, why not."

A special blog can be written about copying newspapers from one social network to another. Thus, for example. occurred Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, but let’s leave that for another time. Today we will deal with a newspaper on Facebook-in which exists on Twitter-since 2017.

New Facebook posting option

It's about Threads the posting option, which we can translate as a linking option, which allows you to add new posts within the previous one, ie. linking to the original, previously published post - to create a broader picture of what is to be conveyed through that post.

Na Twitter-this makes sense why it was created - a limit on the number of characters, but Facebook has a slightly different focus when it comes to this new option, which is now being tested by selected public figures.


What do they say from Facebook?

"The Facebook Threats option could be used to comment on live events or users could update their existing posts. Since Facebook is testing this feature with public figures, it may be intended to simplify news sharing."


This may make some sense, but the problem may arise in the way these posts are displayed in expanded form. In a sense - which part will be shown on Feed- And why that one. Will only the beginning of the post be shown or only the end? 

It depends mostly on how Facebook decides to show them. It would be best to display the post in its entirety and in that case this new option would be quite useful. 

As we noted, Facebook is currently testing the option with a small group of public figures, with no clearly defined plans for full implementation.

How exactly this option will look like and whether it will be introduced in the end, remains to be seen in the coming period.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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