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A big thorn in the eye of social media giants is TikTok, an application that is gaining increasing popularity around the world. Just huge popularity TikTok- Well, she made it Facebook to run its own version of an application that works on a similar principle as TikTok. It's about Instagram Reels.


What is Instagram Reels?

Facebook has been working on creating a platform for a long time "InstagramReels '', a video platform that allows users to create interactive, short music videos (such as TikTok, is not it?).

It is currently being tested in several countries, including France, Germany, Brazil and India. In early August, it is planned to expand to the United States, Japan, Mexico and over 50 other countries.

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How does it work?

Similar to the code TikTok-a, users record videos up to 15 seconds in length and can share them on Instagram Story. There will be a huge music library on offer, in addition, users will be able to borrow sound from another video or use their own original sound.

Instagram Reels can be divided divided into Instagram Story or send directly to users in DM. In addition, it will be located in a special section on the user profile:

In addition to all the above, Instagram Reels will also be in a separate section at instagramexplore, where the most successful, viral video posts will be shown.

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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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